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Truth in Form, Aisha Salem

A 3-part Webinar Series with Aisha Salem

January 26th, February 2nd & 9th, 2019
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm, Pacific Time; 3pm EST; 20:00 GMT
Exchange: $99


“The True Human is absolutely surrendered to the Totality of Reality.”

~ Aisha Salem

You are welcomed to join Aisha Salem over three live webinar sessions to deepen in Truth – for an in-depth exploration of the reality of unfolding as Truth in Form – including the expanse of Being human, empty and divine – moving at the very threshold between evolution and involution.

Through dialogue, teaching and transmission of keys of consciousness, Aisha facilitates our movement through layers of limitations and egoic preferences, keeping us from being truly surrendered to the full scope of Reality.

In each session Aisha will explore different aspects of our embrace of Truth in Form;

Aisha Salem is a deeply realized woman of Truth. She has been living the unfolding of her Being through 17 years of radical surrender and been teaching for 15 years across the world in both residential retreats, online retreats, via Gateway Community portal as well as speaking at conferences, webinars and festivals.

Aisha lives in Denmark with a growing community and is the founder of Gateway, which is the name of a container for exploration, investigation and realization of reality in everything from the deepest intimacy to the widest expanse of Truth.

Through a life committed to Truth, she has received teaching through some of time’s most profound Masters – specifically through the Buddhistic Dzogchen lineage via Masters including Djwhal Khul, Longchenpa, Yeshe Tsogyal and most recently and on-going Padmasambhava.

Aisha is living the full application of reality in the most intimately personal to the vastest and widest – engaging in everything from building houses and motherhood, to consortships and healing of family lines, from teaching the community – locally and globally – to receiving her further and ongoing teaching.

In moving through realization across all dimensions of Being, the focus of her teaching is now the arrival of consciousness into matter – the birth of Truth in form – in bringing our humanity towards the sustainable foundation of existence by coming together of our evolution and involution in the becoming of the True Human. 


tv_demand-iconAll the sessions will be recorded and available on demand so you may view at anytime. Check your email for details. Once you signup for the course on our website you will need to also register with zoom. Have any questions? Read our FAQ for webinar support.

Course Schedule:

Week 1, January 26th, 2019

Commitment & Compassion

The first session focuses on the basics around our application as Love. On how to handle ourselves in compassion and with responsibility, as we venture into the journey of unfolding our Beings on ground, holding the torch of commitment and dedication to a life of living Truth.

Duration: 120 mins

Week 2, February 2nd, 2019

Healing and Return to Wholeness

The second session brings to light the basics around uprooting the conditional seeds from our human existence. It offers keys on how to move with the ancestral work, to approach human healing and the unfolding as Being, in our movement towards human wholeness.

Duration: 120 mins

Week 3, February 9th, 2019

Intimacy of Being – Birth of Essence

The third and last session revolves around the link from our humanness and deepest Intimacy to the depth of Reality as the creational force / the feminine Essence. It brings to light the aspect of the purification of sexuality and lays out the keys concerning our return to innocence.

Duration: 120 mins

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