Where To Go?

By Bayo Akomolafe

Where to go when the highway no longer leads to interesting places?

This talk is about what Bayo calls "ontofugitivity": how things go astray, and how sedentary modern knowledges and expectations are being upset by the shocking performativity or fluidity of stability.

The talk is about the COVID-19 phenomenon, climate collapse, Yoruba indigenous contributions, the weird and modest politics of making sanctuary in light of the failures of neoliberalism and the dangers of progressivism, and the promise of descent. 

The invitation of this talk is the call to go fugitive, to cultivate a federation of fugitive sharings - not as a way to deepen our sense of control, and not with an eye for "alignment", but because we are exhausted and cannot keep reinforcing the web of relations we succinctly call "the human".

This talk is hosted by Victoria Santos.

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