Watch online: All About Nothing

The Dutch movie All About Nothing made its debut at SAND14 on Oct. 26th and was enthusiastically received by the SAND audience. It was a multi media project that started as a zero budget joke but was created by 86 enthusiastic and passionate participants who managed to produce a little gem: the movie aired two times on Dutch national television and is now becoming internationally successful. It is recently made available online, for free.

All About Nothing invites you to transcend the daily rat race by taking a radically different view on life. Based on the ancient Indian philosophy nonduality, the movie gives a humoristic but insightful observation of life as it is.

Avoiding the void 
The movie aptly addresses our present-day individualistic consumer society; in which many people are constantly seeking ways to fill an apparent emptiness in their lives by pursuing material gains and buying things. But the resulting satisfaction tends to be short-lived. Recent research has revealed that ‘feeling empty’ is the most common complaint among employees suffering from burnout.

Furthermore, nowadays people are often very concerned with maintaining their self-image, which generally leads to either overbearing or pleasing behavior. The desire to control everything reigns supreme and any deviation from the planned course of life gives rise to frustration, worry and stress. The film demonstrates new perspectives that allow for: a more relaxed attitude, greater vulnerability and an enhanced ability to enjoy the present.