Sexual Awakening, Shakti Malan

Recorded Sunday June 11th, 2017

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While for centuries, spiritual traditions have maintained a split between the body and awakening, may it be that our bodies - and particularly our sexual bodies - actually carry their own unique intelligence that is designed to facilitate the embodiment of what we awaken to in deep meditation? Tantra is a mystery tradition which has for thousands of years, and across many cultures, been exploring the pathways in the subtle sexual body that are not visible to the ordinary senses. The science of Tantra invites us to connect to these subtle pathways as a deep meditation of presence. When sexual energy in our body gets infused with consciousness, it awakens and lights up the entire body with the light of our essence. In this session, Shakti will describe this process, and guide you into body meditations to make inward contact with this potential in your beautiful body.

Shakti Malan is a visionary Tantrika who shares the wisdom-teachings of radical embodiment, inviting the restoration of feminine ways of being. Based in South Africa, she teaches globally on living what is realized in the beyond in everyday life and finding the pathways of non-dual awakening in our sexuality. Shakti has received the transmissions of great Tantric masters of our time who focus on integrating the masculine and feminine/form and formless within. Most recently her personal healing journey with cancer opened a quantum awareness of the body’s true nature. She has a PhD in social anthropology, a discipline that unmasks the assumptions through which we interpret the lives of ‘others’, and invites us to listen to what is said in silences, gestures, subtle movement and organization of space. Shakti’s approach is influenced by Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and shamanic Tantra, the psychology of the unconscious, and scientific discoveries about the human nervous system and neurochemistry. Her book Sexual Awakening for Women is available in English, French and Polish.