Science is the Essence: Michael Singer

In fifteen minutes of inspiration, Mickey Singer subverts the belief that science is the bad guy, and places it squarely back where it started out – as the exploration of the underlying force that leads to God. Listen to what he is saying and our “miniscule egos” may finally get it – may understand the lie that is going on inside our minds, and realize the absurdity of wanting what is happening to be the way we’d like it to be. The attempt to control what is manifesting is the source of all war and disharmony. The truth is we just know we exist and are conscious. This beautiful gift to the SAND community ends with a passionate plea not just to study science, but to start living the truth it teaches us.

To commemorate the anniversary of The Untethered Soul, New Harbinger is having a video contest where they’re asking the community to share their experiences around the book by making a short video.  The contest website is Through the link you can watch two inspiring videos from to see how The Untethered Soul changed two womens’ lives.  They’ve extended their contest deadline to Sunday, October 1 for the SAND community. Winners will receive an exclusive Untethered Soul gift bundle, worth more than $380.

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