Racism and the Self, Part 2 (Excerpt)

By Victoria Santos

In an excerpt from this three-part series offered by SAND in 2020 Victoria talks about racialized and intergenerational trauma and offers a guided meditation.

Victoria Santos, MA, designs and facilitates group processes in communities, organizations, businesses, universities, and schools. Her work is rooted in her passion for human potential. As a facilitator, Victoria is willing to speak her truth and ask real questions of people who want to step beyond comfort zones to examine ways that today’s perceptions can help or hinder tomorrow’s strategic actions. She brings a strong analysis of race in America, and suggests meaningful steps towards equity goals.

Victoria likes to explore the ways that intersectional and structural oppressions express themselves in systems, cultures and individuals. She helps organizational leaders recognize systemic barriers to racial and social equity, identify and embrace actions that foster personal and professional growth and transform organizational culture.

Victoria brings over thirty years of experience in leadership education and community organizing and development. She has trained in the fields of psychology, conflict resolution, meditation, equity, gender studies, rituals, and embodied practices. Victoria is a Spanish-fluent Afro-Latina immigrant living in the Pacific Northwest.

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