Oneness Beyond Belief - Unmani

There is a big difference between believing or thinking that we are all connected or entangled, and actually knowing it for yourself in your own direct knowing. As a concept or belief, Oneness sounds wonderful. We start to imagine people all over the world feeling so connected that they hold hands and sing songs together… But the reality usually doesn’t feel so ‘One’. Usually we feel separate from each other, and the rest of life. We believe that we are, and therefore experience ourselves to be, isolated and limited to this separate body.

We look out at the rest of the world ‘out there’ and long to connect and merge with life. We devise all kinds of practices and pathways, to become more connected or ‘One’, but these only generate temporary experiences of Oneness, and then the sense of separation, and painful longing to connect, returns again.

In investigating our beliefs about ourselves, we can start to see that the limits and boundaries that we have believed to be real, are only ever thoughts. The walls of our dream-like prison of separation start to be seen for what they really are - only pretend. We are pretending to be separate individuals living in these bodies. We play ‘as if’ we are separate so that we can meet, interact and experience life. Without this play of ‘this and that’, ‘inside and outside’, ‘you and me’, there would be no way for Life to know itself. But we have taken this play far too seriously. We have believed that these boundaries can really separate us. We meet ‘as if’ we are separate, but really truly we always know that there is never any possibility of separation, or in fact of being connected. Beyond all the thinking and imagining, I am you. I always have been.

Unmani points very directly to who you really are beyond all the words and concepts. If there is a readiness to hear this, then there is a possibility to investigate the reality of everything that you have ever believed in. Realizing more and more that your whole life is based on an assumption of who you think you are, there is a total freefall into not knowing. Unmani travels around the world offering spontaneous and uncompromising nondual Meetings and Retreats in ‘Not-Knowing’. These Retreats have an intensely intimate flavor as Unmani invites you to wake up to the way it actually is beyond all your hopes and fears. In having a dialogue with Unmani there is no escape from the unknowable reality of life.

This video was recorded at SAND14.