Letting go of "I, Me, Mine"

By Gary Weber

Gary Weber discusses his techniques and perspectives on meditation, presence, and allowing. He talks about his own awakening, the "default mode network", the collection of "I's" collapsing into the present moment, persistent Nonduality, psychedelics, the evolution of thinking, and asks the question "has thought in the modern-day human outlived its purpose?"

Gary Weber is an American spiritual teacher and author from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania who offers talks, online videos, and a blog on non-duality. As a retired scientist, executive and military officer, Weber has become known for combining a scientific approach to non-duality with traditional techniques of meditation, yoga, and chanting. He is a frequent speaker at the Science and Nonduality Conference and has participated in several high-profile studies on neuroscience and meditation. He is the author of three books, has given numerous talks and interviews, and, with Richard Doyle, has produced a series of online video dialogues on questions related to spirituality, science, and non-duality.

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