Embodied Awakening, Shakti Caterina Maggi

Although we often see awakening as the end of the search, the recognition to our true nature is just the beginning of an authentic spiritual life and the embodying of this recognition starts from that moment onwards.

Shakti Caterina Maggi points directly to the essence of what we are and invites you to rediscover the divine Self in the core of one’s own humanity. Overcoming fear and illusion is to wake up to extraordinary beauty of the moment and be the true embodiment of Consciousness itself in human form. She has been sharing a message of awakening to Life since 2003 with seminars and retreats hold mainly in Italy and Europe.

The seeing of your true nature - as void Awareness that express itself as everything that exists - is something that can be seen in any moment at any point as attention comes back to itself. In the seeking for its true identity the Self creates an ascending energy in the form that is known as the arising of kundalini. When the Self sees through the illusion of the ego concept, a process of stabilization and integration starts to unfold. The descending of this kundalini energy starts to uplift and dissolve ego-knots of identification so that a stimulated release of old mental and emotional patterns and false self-images. Now that the Self knows its true nature can finally live through the human form in something that can be seen as “authentic”.

Simply being present to what is arìsing in Consciousness is a movement of love and acceptance that melts the old self and opens the door to a new way, in which the body mind expresses directly the living from oneness.

In this way from the recognition of what you are, the form starts to express who you really are, as perfect and unique embodiment of One Being. Freed from conditioning and false images it is possible a flowering of the form that allows a deep appreciation of the utter humanity of Life as supreme unfolding of our eternal nature. The impermanence of life is then seen as an unique opportunity for the Still and Silent Self to experience Life as it is. From me to Self back to being OneSelf.