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Resting in Being


A 4-part Webinar Series with Peter Russell

Originally recorded on Sept. 30th, Oct. 7th, Oct. 14th and Oct. 28th, 2017. Cost $49.

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“The next great frontier of human exploration is not outer space,
but inner space—the awakening of human consciousness”
― Peter Russell

Join Peter Russell as he explores the nature of Being from a non-dual perspective. Learn about the essence of spiritual awakening, and its relevance to our daily lives, and discover how something as simple as surrendering all effort can open us to the peace and joy of our true nature.

Over the four seminars we’ll be exploring: The essence of Being. How it manifests in our lives. What lies behind our desire for happiness and peace of mind? How we block our awareness of Being’s presence. The awakening to Being experienced by the mystics—and by increasing numbers of us today. And the most effective paths of returning to Being.

Integrating ideas from Eastern and Western models of the mind, Peter will also be sharing his latest thinking on: The nature of consciousness. How it has evolved. The waking dream of everyday life. The arising of a separate self. How can we step beyond it and open to the inner peace, love, and freedom of the being fully in the present moment. And the nature of the true Self—first-person experience of Being, the “I am” at the heart of every experience, the realization of which is the ultimate goal of many spiritual practices.

This will be a unique opportunity to discuss with Peter Russell in person his work on consciousness and the nature of spiritual awakening, and to be guided in meditations designed to integrate the webinar in our daily lives.

Peter Russell

Weaving his unique blend of scientific rationale, global vision, and intuitive wisdom, Peter brings a sharp, critical mind to the challenge of self-awakening. The next great frontier of human exploration, he shows, is not outer space, but inner space—the awakening of the human consciousness. He has degrees in theoretical physics, experimental psychology, and computer science from the University of Cambridge in England, and has written ten books in this area, including The Global Brain Awakens, Waking Up in Time, and most recently, From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness.
tv_demand-iconAll the sessions will be recorded and available on demand so you may view at anytime. Check your email for details. Once you signup for the course on our website you will need to also register with zoom. Have any questions? Read our FAQ for webinar support.

Course Description:

Week 1: Sept. 30 – The Desire for Being
What is Being? The “I am” at the center of all experience. Its intrinsic qualities of peace and love. The natural state of the unperturbed mind. Our fundamental drive for happiness—to return to Being. The roots of self-created discontent and suffering. Getting lost in thought. The arising of tension. The I-Thou separation.
Duration: 90 mins

Week 2: Oct. 7 – Searching for Being in the World
Why we’ve become human havings and doings rather than human beings. Our attachments to the world and to how things should or should not be. The egomind. How it veils our essential nature. Samsara, the endless wandering on in search of happiness. Imagination and its role in human evolution. Living in imagined realities, the waking dream. The ego as an ally, rather than enemy.
Duration: 90 mins

Week 3: Oct. 14 – The Awakening to Being
The nature of consciousness, and reality. The mystical experience. Transcending the separate sense of self. Freedom from the ego mind. Recognition of the true Self. Discerning ego from the true Self. New, easier, approaches to letting go. Letting go into the fullness of the present moment. The end of seeking. Opening to the happiness, love, freedom and wisdom that is our true nature.
Duration: 90 mins

Week 4: Oct. 28 – Paths to Being
Meditation as practice of returning to Being. Why meditation should be effortless. Shifiting our attitude towards thoughts in meditation. Attention and awareness. Refining the quality of attention rather than its focus. Dropping back into Being by allowing the mind to fully relax. Savoring and loving our own Being. Integrating these approaches in daily life
Duration: 90 mins

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