Hayes Mansion is completely closed at this time and expects to reopen at the end of June, but there is no firm date set as of yet. SAND attendees that reserved a room at the Hayes will not be able to get a refund on their deposit until the hotel is reopened. 

October 21–25, 2020 
Hayes Mansion, San Jose, CA

Pre-conference Workshops: Wednesday Oct. 21 – Thursday Oct. 22
Main Conference: Thursday Oct. 22 (evening) – Sunday Oct. 25 

Join Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND) for a 5-day immersive experience with leading scientists, philosophers, artists and spiritual teachers. SAND is a place for an open-hearted, authentic connection with a community of people who are drawn to explore together what it means to be a human being, standing at the intersection of spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, and the arts. Hosted in the beautiful Hayes Mansion in San Jose, you will enjoy daily meditation, yoga, dance, science talks, dialogues, somatic modalities, sharing circles, sacred storytelling and evening concerts. More than 100 leading teachers, scientists, facilitators and artists from all the world  the world come together to share their wisdom and passion. 

Join us for 2 days of pre-conference workshops followed by a 3-day conference filled with talks, panels, meditation, performances, music and dance. This year, we'll be adding Community Conversations, a forum to freely share with the help of a facilitator.
Our explorations unfold across the themes of:
•    The Science of Consciousness 
•    Embodied Spirituality
•    Trauma and Healing 
•    Relationships and Sexuality
At SAND we celebrate a new relationship to spirituality, free from religious dogma, inspired by timeless wisdom traditions, informed by cutting-edge science, and grounded in our own direct experience.

This year’s gathering is centered around the theme of Living and Dying. Nondual teachings assert that our essential reality—pure consciousness—is ever-present, undivided, and never comes in or out of existence. In itself, it knows no separation, no birth and no death, no beginning and no end. Yet birth and death are no abstract concepts; they are at the heart of manifestation and thus of our human existence. Mystics of all traditions have pointed to death as one of the ultimate teachers. It is through the contemplation of, and the surrender to death that we come to fully embrace, not only life, but reality itself.

"Death is our friend precisely because it brings us into absolute and passionate presence with all that is here, that is natural, that is love."
— Reiner Maria Rilke

On our spiritual journey, we may come to recognize that birth and death are more than two opposite poles; they are the very dance of our shared reality. Unperceivable to us in its absolute totality, reality takes the shapes of all that is experienced: the subject and the object, the thought and the thinker, the perceiver and the perceived, the personal and the impersonal. Death is the unveiling part of this dance: the sacred dissolution that returns all seemingly separate things to the totality. Each form revealing itself as emptiness, each personal expression revealing its impersonal intelligence, each cycle of life and death a blossoming of consciousness. Living a life in this recognition—that Samsara is Nirvana—is the longing at the heart of all mystical paths. Thus reclaiming the blessings of death—death as ally, death as wisdom, death as guru—is part of the work of our time.  

Scientists all agree that there is no definable boundary between life and death; we can't tell exactly just when life begins, or when it ends. Moreover, the now is but an ever-renewing, bubbling, churning cycle of birth and death, decay and regeneration. Before you finish reading this paragraph, millions of cells in your body will have died and been replaced. From galaxies to atoms, everything constantly births, dies, and transforms. We are made of elemental stardust, and to stardust we return.

Modern society conditions us to believe in conquering every limit, down to the ultimate one—death. But for indigenous cultures all over the world, the law of life is the exact opposite. As Stephen Jenkinson says in Lost Nation Road: “it is the limit that gives us the opportunity to practice being human.

In the West, death is a taboo carefully shrouded within plush mortuaries and well-groomed cemeteries. Our culture is obsessed with youth, with new beginnings, exciting development and expansions, new partners, new jobs, new homes… and has perfected its denial of the dying processes. We no longer know how to be with transitions and endings. We are deeply disconnected and fearful of those liminal spaces, in which the objects we have attached to—including our own bodies—begin to fail and in which old structures and belief systems crumble and no longer support us. Yet those transitions, in which the old has not fully died and the new has not yet emerged, are the very womb out of which every cycle of life arises.

The contemporary spirituality we are exploring at SAND embraces the absolute and the relative, celebrates beginnings and endings, acknowledges that we are here to love and to lose. There is no light without shadow, no life without death, no love without grief.
At SAND20 we will explore: 

  • What do the different spiritual traditions teach about living and dying?
  • What can death and impermanence show us about living?
  • How to share the sacred work of grief and loss?
  • How can we care for those who are dying?
  • How can psychedelics prepare us for death?
  • Which greater cosmological, planetary, evolutionary cycles are we part of?
  • How are stars and galaxies born, how do they die?
  • How do we live when the planet's future is uncertain?
  • What does biology say about the cycles of life and death?
  • What is the science on near death experiences?
  • What does the investigation of "past lives" memories teach us?

"When the future disappears, we are brought home to the immediacy of here-now. Whether it is a personal death that awaits each of us, or the inevitable planetary death in which the earth itself will be no more, or even the end of the entire known universe, death is the single reality that most clearly informs us that the future is a fantasy and the world and everything that we have been concerned about are all fleeting bubbles in a stream."
— Joan Tollifson

Join our journey as we share knowledge, wisdom and experience and explore how to embrace loss, trust the wisdom of disintegration and welcome the unknown that awaits us at the next corner, in life as in death. There will be talks, community circles, panels, workshops, dance, drumming, art, and more.


Oct 21–25, 2020
  • Hayes Mansion, San Jose California
  • 200 Edenvale Ave
  • San Jose, CA
  • 95136

October 21–25, 2020

Two days of pre-conference workshops on Oct 21-22, followed by 3 days of conference from Thursday Oct 22, 7 pm to Sunday Oct 25, 6 pm, filled with talks, panels, meditations, performances, music and dance.

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Hotel Registration
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SAND Presenter Cancellation Policy
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