SAMA - A journey into Being


July 1-4, 2020

Tuesday, June 30th: arrival day
Wednesday - Saturday, July 1-4: full days
Sunday, July 5th: closing day, check-out after lunch


SAMA is a collaboration between SAND and Mandali Retreats, whose background lies in organizing music festivals and spiritual retreats. The resonant connection of shared goals by these two organizations inspired the creation of a new (play)ground called SAMA.

In Sanskrit, SAMA means “equal”, “even”, and “just", usually referring to the quality of calmness and tranquility of the mind, or spiritual peace. In Arabic, SAMA means “sky”. In the Sufi tradition, SAMA is the quality of listening.


SAMA’s mission is to facilitate an emerging Contemporary Spirituality.

In a world where traditions and religions are crumbling and becoming distant from everyday life and its people, spirituality is experiencing a deep call for evolution. What is the common ground that unites us all? How can we share what is really valuable in the discovery of our true Self, its unique and individual expression in the world, and its culmination in our social connections and interactions? How can we dream and manifest a better world?

SAMA aims to create a space in which to dream, share, explore and reflect on these fertile questions. What does spirituality mean in this day and age? What is the world we dream of? What if a shift in Consciousness can give birth to the world we dream of?

What is true peace? How can we celebrate the interconnected harmony of all life? How does what we have learned from spiritual traditions and modern science converge to light the path underneath our feet in this Journey into Being?

SAMA 2020

SAMA will debut in July 2020 with a 5-day event at Mandali Retreats, set against the stunning natural backdrop of Italy’s Lago d’Orta. With leading teachers and facilitators from around the world and across multiple disciplines, this event will be an immersive experience into who we are in the context of an emerging Contemporary Spirituality.

This exploration will unfold across the themes of:

  • Self Discovery
  • Awakening the Body
  • Relationships and Intimacy

The event is a celebration of existence open to anyone who is curious and open to discovering their own natural expression in life, and how that contributes to the collective.

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Jun 30, 2020 - Jul 5, 2020
  • Mandali Retreats Center
  • Via Belvedere 2
  • Quarna Sopra
  • VB
  • 28898

Registration details will be coming early December