A Moment of Pure Human Connection

A Moment of Pure Human Connection

By Lauren

Here at SAND we receive so many beautiful and touching notes from folks that have connected with our film The Wisdom of Trauma. To date, the film has been seen over six million times and has been screened in over 23 countries and territories.

Here is just one of the notes recently received from a viewer from Jersey City, US

I watched The Wisdom of Trauma a few weeks ago and have been thinking so much about the film since. It was touching, beautiful, and life-changing. I am writing to share an interaction I had yesterday that likely would not have happened if I had not watched the film, and more specifically, reflected on your contribution to it.

I walk by the water in my downtown Jersey City neighborhood with my dog almost daily. Typically there are unhoused people sitting down along the walk and I walk by, not making eye contact, carrying on. Occasionally, my dog will see somebody sitting on the ground and move towards them, and I'll tug her closter. Yesterday I was on my walk and that happened, and instead of tugging the dog closer, I asked the man if it was okay if she approached him. He affirmed it was. They had the most beautiful interaction- she sniffing him and him smiling and looking directly into her eyes. Then he started to give the pigeons nearby some crumbs. And we all watched the pigeons eat the crumbs, until the dog disrupted them and they flew away. We laughed and wished each other a good rest of the day. It was such pure human connection and I am grateful for it.

I am grateful for your role in the movie and the work that you do.


The Wisdom of Trauma is now streaming. We invite you to watch and share it with your friends, family, and communities.

Photo by Akram Huseyn on Unsplash

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