A Meditation

By Francis Lucille

outer space lights

Let the objects revolve around you like the planets around the sun.

The light is your reality.

The reality of the planets is the light they borrow from you.

Be open to this possibility and the perfume and the miracles will be your confirmation.

To be open means to be empty.

In the Indian tradition, the disciple comes to the guru with a prasad, a present, and receives in return his blessings, his darshan.

But the true prasad is an open mind and an open heart. Free from beliefs. Detached from concepts.

And the darshan that is received is not a look, not a gaze from the guru nor a touch from the guru.

It is the perfume that fills up the empty heart with ease and awe.

This has been experienced throughout the ages throughout this planet.

Hafiz was called the perfume dealer.

The sufi (...) transmitted the barka, the darshan. It is not something they knowingly do, like pressing a button.
It is simply the fire lighting up the fire.

The fire of knowledge of presence knowing itself in the form of love and joy.

All that is required to receive the darshan is this empty heart.

Francis Lucille, beginning of meditation, August 5th, 2005

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