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    Resting in Being

    A 4-part Webinar Series with Peter Russell

    Join Peter Russell as he explores the nature of Being from a non-dual perspective. Learn about the essence of spiritual awakening, and its relevance to our daily lives, and discover how something as simple as surrendering all effort can open us to the peace and joy of our true nature.

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    SAND17 Live Stream

    Free for SAND Supporters!

    Join us virtually in the SAND main conference room (Hayes Ballroom) from Thursday Oct. 19th @ 7pm (PST) through Sunday Oct. 22rd @ 6pm (PST). Watch in Video on Demand if you miss it live!

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    The Emergent Universe – SAND17

    Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA
    Wednesday October 18 – Sunday October 22, 2017

    Quarks in an atom; molecules in a liquid; proteins in a cell; cells in an organism; neurons in a brain; people in a city; grains of sand in a dune; snowflakes in an avalanche; stars in a galaxy: when the many parts of a system interact, behaviors appear in the whole system that weren’t present in the parts themselves.

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    A glimpse of SAND16 US

    Have a taste of SAND16 US that took place
    Oct. 19-23, 2016 in San Jose, CA through this slideshow.

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  • The True Meeting of Science and Spirituality (SAND)

    The mission of Science and Nonduality (SAND) is to forge a new paradigm in spirituality, one that is not dictated by religious dogma, but that is rather based on timeless wisdom traditions of the world, informed by cutting-edge science, and grounded in direct experience.

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When Is Sex a Spiritual Practice?

Recognizing that our bodies and our sexuality are sacred is a good way to begin undoing the split between sex and spirit that’s plagued our dualistic culture for millennia. But much more is necessary for erotic…


Science Confirms Ancient Spiritual Teaching—We Live in Two Bodies

By Joseph Selbie Have you ever seen a glow of light around someone? It can happen when the ambient light is not too bright and especially when you are in a calm and mellow mood. Have…


Science is the Essence: Michael Singer

In fifteen minutes of inspiration, Mickey Singer subverts the belief that science is the bad guy, and places it squarely back where it started out – as the exploration of the underlying force that leads to…


Science is Ready for Consciousness: Federico Faggin

In this fascinating interview Federico Faggin, designer of the first commercial microprocessor and pioneer in the movement to base mathematical theory on consciousness, urges science to embrace consciousness to explain the weirdness of quantum physics, and…


Buddha In Glory

by Rainer Maria Rilke Center of all centers, core of cores, almond self-enclosed, and growing sweet– all this universe, to the furthest stars all beyond them, is your flesh, your fruit. Now you feel how nothing…

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