• ChrisFields-04

    Down the Rabbit Hole: Living in a Quantum World

    A 4-part Webinar Series with Chris Fields

    Jan. 21st, 28th, Feb. 4th, & 11th, 2018
    You will understand by the end of these sessions that quantum theory is not about electrons or atoms at all, but about the process of observation. You will see that there is no such thing as “wavefunction collapse” and there are no “multiple worlds” to worry about.

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  • florian04-465x266

    The Joy of Being

    A 5-part Webinar Series with Florian Schlosser

    Jan. 20th, 27th, Feb. 3rd, 10th, & 17, 2018
    This special series of 5 webinars with Florian is an open and sincere invitation to recognize, in our own direct experience, who we really are, and to redeem our birthright: to be free, to rest, and to expand and grow into our full human potential.

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  • Julie-04

    Meeting Trauma on a Spiritual Path

    A 3-part Webinar Series with Julie Brown Yau

    Jan. 28th, Feb. 4th & 11th, 2018
    We will explore how unresolved trauma is a barrier to the fullness of love and embodied awakening, and why trauma must be resolved for stabilizing refined states of consciousness.

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  • Shakti04-465x266

    Awakening in Daily Living

    A 3-part Webinar Series with Shakti Caterina Maggi

    Jan. 27, Feb. 17 & March 24th, 2018
    Every human being looks for peace in their inner and outer reality. In some of its creatures, Consciousness awakens to the desire of seeing clearly behind the chaos of life. In this call for clarity, what we are searching for is actually our true nature.

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  • SAND18 Italy

    July 3 – 9, 2018
    Titignano Castle in Orvieto Terni, Italy

    At the SAND Italy gathering we will continue to explore where knowledge meets the unknown and the unknowable. We will navigate that space where new discoveries in science and profound realizations in spirituality become possible.

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  • SANDad-04-465x266 (1)

    The Mystery of Being Human

    Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA
    Wednesday Oct. 24 – Sunday Oct. 28, 2018

    For most of human history we’ve been trying to comprehend who we are through the lens of spiritual traditions. Then the Age of Enlightenment ushered in science, giving us a powerful new way to look at ourselves.

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The Emergence of Conscious Evolution: Jude Currivan

Cosmologist Jude Currivan is an enthusiastic and inspirational advocate of the positive view of the transformations we are witnessing on planet Earth. As a scientist she can report with confidence that science can at last conclusively…

img phantom limb

Of Phantom Limbs and Mental Maps

by V. S. Ramachandran How Ramachandran Fooled the Brain into Easing Pain Ninety percent of amputees suffer from phantom limb pain, a feeling of discomfort where their missing limb would have been. How do you treat…


Escaping the Observer Trap

Are you feeling stuck in your practice? Did meditation lead to big, positive life changes early on, but now years later you’re just sort of treading water with no sense of making progress? Mindfulness meditation is…


I Am Not I

BY JUAN RAMÓN JIMÉNEZ I am not I. I am this one walking beside me whom I do not see, whom at times I manage to visit, and whom at other times I forget; who remains calm…


Meditation, Cosmology and Human Society

by Amrit Srecko Sorli As meditators we have experience of timelessness. At the beginning, timelessness comes to us only in glimpses, but with years of meditation, linear sensation by and by disappears and we see we…

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