SAND 2019 Youth Program

SAND is delighted to be offering programming dedicated to the growth and maturation of our youth. Our mission is to help guide young people into the realization of the interconnectedness of life. 

Our Young Sage’s Group has been selected, and we are now reaching out to young folks, interested in the big questions of life, to invite you to come to explore SAND 2019 – a playground of exploration!  New this year at SAND, we will have specific Youth Programming on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  This is in addition to the talks, panels, experiential sessions, mandala-making and entertainment that awaits everyone coming to SAND.  

If you are between the ages of 18 and 24 and interested in participating at SAND, please email Lisa & Gillian at: [email protected].com to inquire about a Youth Ticket.

The Story

In 2018, young people ages 16 to 23 were actively invited into this conversation with the creation of a youth program—a container that was adopted enthusiastically by the young people in attendance, infusing the SAND US conference with fresh perspectives.


"I feel a sense of community and empowering each other and ourselves through having a container to be authentic. I feel a sense of connectivity and bliss in the present, security on my path, sense of family, and motivated in trusting my gut." ~Orlando, 22

“I feel feeling empowered, embodied, and grateful. I work with special needs students, and am pursuing a masters degree in Addiction Studies. The experience I had at SAND gave me the courage and taught me useful language to integrate the principles of non-duality into my daily work. Speaking with active professionals across a variety of disciplines was excellent. SAND offered a beautiful mutualism between the youth participants, the other conference goers, and the staff.  I hope and plan to attend future SAND for the foreseeable future.” ~Will, 23

“The private youth groups were all good experiences, especially the sound healing. Everyone really cared for everyone else. We were free to explore the event on our own terms.” --Mackenzie, 22

“The daily check-ins together helped facilitate connection; the coordinators made it all so great from start to finish.” ~Nikki, 23

“I feel like SAND opens the doors of opportunities for growth. Nothing’s better than learning how to integrate meditation into your life or further one’s awareness of being human. The Caverly group meeting was incredible. I felt like I had all the information that I needed pre-event. And, I loved the flexibility of the group leaders.” ~Maya, 18


These are the pillars that guide our journey together. We seek to uphold these values in every interaction, no matter how big or small, seen or unseen:

Safety: We attend to individual and group needs, creating a culture in which we feel safe to explore and voice what is alive for us. We are encouraged to experience the wide depth and breadth of human emotion and expression. Our edges are where evolution occurs. 

Embodiment: The mind is a powerful tool, not to evacuate our human beings, but to inhabit our wholeness more fully. When we prioritize tending to our body wisdom, we can live our values with more integrity. 

Sovereignty: Each person is responsible for their actions, thoughts, and emotions. Through love, we recognize each has the freedom to self-direct, self-regulate, and live their best life. In acknowledging the sovereignty of ourselves and others, we focus our energy on that which we can directly influence. 

Radical Imagination: The spider sees the web and then walks it into being. We create the better world and lives we know is possible by first imagining it is possible. Together, we dream into form the reality that is dreaming us. 

Diversity & Inclusion: We are made stronger by our uniqueness. Differences in gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, culture, socioeconomic background, can  contribute positively to our experience of the world and understanding of ourselves.

Community: Nonduality teaches us that separateness is an illusion. We recognize all experiences in our private lives as a reflection of the collective. We prioritize inter-personal thriving to forge resilient nodal networks that awaken collective consciousness.

If you are inspired by the vision of this program, please consider making a donation to the Youth Program in order to make it available to as many young sages as possible:


Young Sage’s Journey

The Young Sage’s Journey aims to open minds and hearts as portals to their deepest truth. Through potent practices including self-inquiry, meditation, embodiment, emotional literacy, and communication practices, each sage will develop powerful skills for finding their authentic voice. We seek to empower these young sages towards taking concrete steps for creating the better world their hearts know is possible.

  • Who am I?
  • What is the nature of reality?
  • Where do I belong?
  • How did life begin? And where are we headed?
  • How do I express my deepest knowing?

Come join with us, in community, to ask these questions, make connections and explore the essence of who we are.

  • Accepting applications: Jun 15–Aug 15
  • Cohort decided: Aug 22
  • Online Preparation: Sep 21–Oct 12
  • SAND Conference: Oct 24–27
  • Online Integration: Nov 2–23

The Young Sage’s Journey is a nine-week experiential program for a group of diverse and passionate young people interested in waking up and finding “home” within themselves, the world, and the cosmos!

Mentored by past participants, and taught by SAND presenters and dedicated guides, the program provides opportunities for online and in-person participation. It offers time-honored practices for engaging the emerging collective intelligence—to remember who we are, why we’re here, and what is ours to do!


Twenty-four selected participants, ages 18–24, will be invited to participate in this journey. The program is divided into  three phases:

1) Education & Group Induction:  (4-week online experience) These sessions will be comprised of lectures, small group interaction/studies and experiential sessions all designed to frame the program and  build community.

2) Deepen Education & Immersion: (Oct 24–27) Participation at the SAND19 event in San Jose, California, where they have full access to all SAND presentations, plus additional activities designed specifically designed for the Young Sage Members.  Some members will have the opportunity to share with the larger SAND community.

3) Integration: (4-week online experience) These follow up sessions will integrate the experience, and envision practical steps for bringing it into their own daily lives.  Additionally, participants will have free access to SAND media resources and will be exposed to opportunities for further research, development, contribution, and future group collaborations.

COSTS: There is a $50 non-refundable “commitment fee” once accepted into the program.  All other costs are covered: the online courses as well as food, lodging and registration for the SAND event. (There will be a small amount of travel funds available for participants travelling to the SAND event).

Apply here