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The Mystery and Art of Being Human

A 4-part Webinar Series with Bruce Damer

Sept 30, Oct 7, Oct 14 and Oct 21 at 11:30am Pacifc Time, cost $99.


Dr. Bruce Damer, visionary scientist, author and speaker will take SAND webinar course participants on one of the great journeys of our age: back in time to the ignition of the cosmos up to the origin of life, through our own evolution, and on out to the future of human civilization and the fate of the biosphere. He will then guide us into our deepest inner being to reveal the newest science and healing arts which are untangling the cycling codes of the psyche, healing and connecting us into a new way of Being Human.

The new science Dr. Bruce will cover unveils more than just the mystery of creation, it harkens toward a potential transformative shift in our cultural narrative moving beyond the dangerous metaphor of the “survival of the fittest”. For our true survival we must come to a new realization to lift our spirits and counteract a growing assault of self-generated, self-fulfilling negative and destructive messages. The source of those messages is collective inner personal and species trauma and the triggering of the protectors surrounding the trauma.

Neuroscience and the healing arts have converged on a new understanding and map of the little selves which run on the treadmills of that trauma. For the first time in Human history we can now read the “boot code” of our inner world and use effective new tools to re-code the Human OS. By healing core traumas we release the psychological protectors and managers into new roles, and have a chance to create the beautiful and sustainable future we know is possible.

Our mindset will determine the setting of the world in which we and our children will live. Shifting that mindset is the most crucial task of each one of us, and shift it we will, with a little help from our friends and the most powerful emerging science and insights in our history.

Dr. Bruce will take up the “Mystery of Human Being” in the first part and the “Art of Being Human” in the second synergizing them together into a new understanding of how the cosmos, life, human society and our sense of conscious reality are all continuously cycled into being. With this understanding humanity can adopt a new Human story, powering our way out of the fear and doubt of the age into a bright future.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi counseled Luke Skywalker: “…with the growing dark power of the Empire rises a new breed of more evolved Jedi with their light sabers and radiant hearts.” Learn how this new understanding from science and powerful skills from the arts can bring these Jedi into being. And who are the Jedi? It’s no mystery; a Jedi awaits within any human being, including you!

Chris FieldsMulti disciplinary scientist Dr. Bruce Damer has devoted decades to the deep exploration of two fundamental questions of life: how the first living cells originated on the Earth four billion years ago; and how their progeny, the Gaian biosphere with its precious cargo of humans and other complex life forms, may be provided a path forward into the cosmos. Collaborating with Prof. David Deamer at UC Santa Cruz, the two published the “Hot Spring Hypothesis” of life’s origins which is now undergoing testing by scientific teams worldwide. After simulating and designing numerous space missions for NASA he co-developed SHEPHERD, a unique spacecraft that could harvest resources from asteroids and enable the expansion of civilization into the Solar System. In a surprising new result, theoretical and laboratory work on the origin of life has uncovered a simple, conceptual “engine” which may explain how all of biology, technology and human experience is created. Dr. Damer is now collaborating with a network of scholars, spiritual teachers and cultural investigators to consider how this engine might transform our understanding of reality and what it is to be human. Dr. Damer’s work at UCSC, The Biota Institute, NASA and his personal passions such as the Levity Zone podcast and DigiBarn Computer Museum may be found at

tv_demand-iconAll the sessions will be recorded and available on demand so you may view at anytime. Check your email for details. Once you signup for the course on our website you will need to also register with zoom. Have any questions? Read our FAQ for webinar support.

Course Description:

Week 1 – Unveiling the Mystery: Cosmogenesis and the Origin of Life

Dr. Bruce begins the webinar course series with some of the most exciting science emerging in the 21st Century, the first testable hypothesis for the origin of life on Earth over four billion years ago. Co-authored with Prof. David Deamer at UC Santa Cruz, the Hot Spring Hypothesis has drawn teams around the world to begin testing it. Dr. Bruce will update you on the state of the art in Astrobiology: chemistry, geology, computer simulation, and the search for life beyond Earth as a member of NASA’s Mars2020 landing site team. Underlying biogenesis is cosmogenesis, the origin and evolution of the universe itself. A primal principle is emerging that links the two and will be illustrated by a turning a fun complexity spiral. We may be on the verge of a full contact with the Mystery of our own creation. The inner peace which comes through the knowing of how the cosmos and we were made also empowers us to remake our reality and our world.

This first session is ideal for “gear heads” with a spiritual and philosophical bent and will be illustrated with wonderful images and story to make it a tasty, digestible science banquet. There will be a hearty time for audience Q&A which is when all the best new ideas percolate up.

Duration: 90 mins

Week 2 – Powering up the Progenote in the Engine of Creation

Emerging from the Hot Spring Hypothesis for life’s origins is a powerful new model of the unit of selection: the “Progenote”. The Progenote was predicted by the great evolutionary biologist Carl Woese as the entity which crossed the chasm from pure physics to the remarkably creative state of biology. The Progenote is in turn a product of an “Engine of Creation” the core code which could underlie all of biology, human culture, technology, society, consciousness and spiritual experience. The blueprints for this engine could power up a Copernican-class re-centering of endeavors ranging from economics to metaphysics to AI and provide humanity a new platform for computation beyond Turing. This sort of “soft” computing, more compatible with biology, will birth a whole new generation of wonderful prosthetics for our minds and bodies.

Coming into full contact with the Mystery our creation will give us the greatest new set of tools to build a thriving civilization in greater synergy with the natural world and instill in us the wisdom we have long sought. And this understanding can bring us a sense of inner completion; knowing how we were made and how the world continues to cycle into being. This second session will appeal to all of us who are forever asking the dual questions: “what makes our world go around and where is it going next?”

Duration: 90 mins

Week 3 – Human Being from Prosimians to Space Jedi

What made us Human? How did we evolve from tiny prosimians in the rainforest canopy? How did we diverge from chimps and bonobos to create art, culture and technology and experience spiritual awakenings? What are our core drivers as a species and why are we so drawn to the “serpent of tech” now coiling so tightly around our consciousness? How are all these forces driving our evolution upward? Is there a singular energetic “Force” re-entering our culture to lift us beyond simple mechanistic consumer existence? As Obi-Wan Kenobi counseled Luke Skywalker: “Jedi need the Empire’s dark force to open their hearts and more skillfully wield their light sabers.” We have learned well how power corrupts the traumatized, gurus and dictators alike. So who do we follow now, who are the Jedi of today? You are! Every human being has a Jedi within.

Jedi can help tame or redirect the destructive tendencies of the Empire but what is the fate of the Human Near Future and how can we take action before we bust the biosphere? Time is running short as our planet begins to burn. Weather patterns are starting to shift rapidly as Gaia begins to lose her grip on the thermostat. If we don’t immediately reduce our numbers and our impact, we will have to rapidly take up the difficult task of managing the planet’s life support system for all complex organisms. There is another way forward: we can extend our biosphere and provide living and growing spaces for billions in the Near Solar System. This undertaking will also teach us how to manage Biosphere 1: the Earth.

In this third session, Dr. Bruce will give us a vision and a technology to expand the biosphere into the solar system and beyond. A truly unifying mission for humanity could be to give the life that brought us into conscious awareness a future path for its continued evolution, and we can go along for the ride! Drawing from decades of mission simulation and design for NASA, Dr. Bruce will describe the SHEPHERD, an asteroid capture and resource utilization vehicle that is a veritable “sailing ship of space”. As human beings use SHEPHERD to craft their own living biospheres and thrive with unlimited resources we will learn how to become better stewards of the Earth. As Jedi well know, the tools for healing core human trauma are the key to make possible this outward expansion through healthy, sustainable new communities and re-frame civilization to continue sustainably on the Earth. If you sense your own “inner Jedi” this session will resonate with you!

Duration: 90 mins

Week 4 – Surfing the Synchronous Field to a Bright Future

How many times have you been surprised by synchronicity? Carl Jung first introduced the notion that seeming coincidences may be acausally connected by meaning. In our time, the frequency of interconnected messaging and the ubiquity of memory enhancing devices vastly amplify probability, the third phase in the Engine of Creation. An increasing rate of improbable events coming into being means the Human sphere is exponentially expanding outward to new levels of creativity. While this is a good explanation for what is happening around and within us, where is it all going and how can we learn to surf this synchronistic field to a better future?

In this final session Dr. Bruce and the audience will work together to synergize the science of our origins, the philosophical insights of the engine of creation, the understanding of our progenote evolution and our deep Human OS boot code into a new set of tools we can use to heal and help the Human enterprise and ourselves toward a brighter future. So what are these new tools? Without spoiling the fun let’s leave the answer a mystery! Join for all four sessions and come on this great journey.

Duration: 90 mins

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