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The Engine of Creation


A 4-part Webinar Series with Bruce Damer

February 18th, 25th, March 4th, 11th, 2018 @ 11:30am PST, cost $99

This Webinar has been cancelled until further notice.

“The entire scope of my work since I was in my teen years is to try to understand how life came into being and how we humans can find a technological way to carry life forward, beyond the womb of the Earth. Of course I am also interested in other subjects and experiences in between these two very widely separated questions.”
~ Bruce Damer

Scientist, designer and speaker Dr. Bruce Damer will take attendees on a whirlwind tour beginning with the exciting new science behind the Hot Spring Hypothesis of life’s origins through to the future of life as we enable the biosphere to extend itself beyond the bounds of the Earth. The cycling system that could lift life up out of pure physics is also the dynamo that turns the evolution of technology, culture and consciousness and is the system that creates all reality. If humanity experimentally veries the fundamental core “boot up” code which generates all reality, it will re-center and simplify our understanding of our experience and give us important new tools to transform ourselves, and our world, and give life a future path into the cosmos.

Bruce DamerMulti-disciplinary scientist Dr. Bruce Damer co-authored the “Hot Spring Origin of Life” hypothesis with Prof. David Deamer at UC Santa Cruz. At SAND he will present its implications for humanity in scientific, philosophical and spiritual dimensions. He also spent decades developing spacecraft designs and simulations for NASA to open a future path for life in the solar system. His artistic side emerges in spoken word “Science & Spirit” performances, one of which will be featured at SAND. In the 1980s he authored some of the first graphical interfaces on personal computers and in the 1990s helped pioneer the “avatars” virtual world medium. He has also collected and curates a museum of computing artifacts and the archives of counter-culture figures such as Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna and others. Find more about “Dr. Bruce” at


tv_demand-iconAll the sessions will be recorded and available on demand so you may view at anytime. Check your email for details. Once you signup for the course on our website you will need to also register with zoom. Have any questions? Read our FAQ for webinar support.

Course Description:

Session 1: February 18 – How did Life Begin and Where Might we find it in the Cosmos?

Dr. Damer begins the series with some of the most exciting science emerging in the 21st Century, as teams from many elds converge on the rst testable model for how life began on the Earth, approximately four billion years ago: the Hot Spring Hypothesis. Recent advances and discoveries in the science of the origin of life draw from evidence in chemistry, thermodynamics and the early rock record to support a novel scenario for life arising in hot spring settings on volcanic land masses on the early Earth. The work carried out by an international network of researchers was published as the cover story in the August 2017 issue of Scientic American. The scenario is being used as a working model for the design of NASA life-detection missions to Mars and Saturn’s moon Enceladus and in consideration of the likelihood of life on exoplanets.

Duration: 90 mins

Session 2: February 25 – The Transformative Power of the Engine of Creation

The Hot Spring Hypothesis for the origin of life could set of a scientic, philosophical and spiritual revolution similar to that of Copernicus, who centered Earth’s orbit and that of the other planets on the sun. The hypothesis describes a generative, cycling system which draws three properties into existence: a probability increasing mechanism, a message interacting network, and a mechanism for memory and instructions. Together these three “boot up” core systems cycle and power up an “Engine of Creation” that has the capacity to generate all of biology, intelligence, culture, technology and even conscious and spiritual experience. This engine goes beyond the realm of an idea as it is testable in the laboratory and in the eld and Dr. Damer has proposed that all phenomena will ultimately be explainable through its interactions. Far from removing the mystery behind the living world and our experience, this engine could open us to a greater sense of awe of the miracle of our arising and existence and give us tools to survive and thrive in the future, moving beyond our differences and sense of separation from each other and the natural world that made us.

Duration: 90 mins

Session 3: March 4 – Breakout! The Expansion of the Biosphere into the Cosmos

In the third session, Dr. Damer will take us beyond our present day scenario of alarming human pressure on planetary ecosystems and give us a vision and a technology, to expand the biosphere into the solar system, and beyond. A true unifying mission for humanity could be to give the life that brought us into conscious awareness a future path for evolution, and we can go along for the ride! Drawing from forty years of thought and fteen years of mission simulation and design for NASA, Dr. Damer will present the building blocks of SHEPHERD, an asteroid capture and resource utilization architecture that is a veritable “sailing ship of space”. As sail opened up the Earth’s cultures to each other, SHEPHERD could enable a bright future in which human beings craft their own living biospheres and thrive with unlimited resources while become better stewards of the Earth. In parallel tools for healing core human trauma are emerging that will make possible this outward expansion and the formation of healthy new sustainable communities both in space and on the Earth.

Duration: 90 mins

Session 4: March 11 – The Nature of Nature: Using the Engine of Creation in your Own Life

Dr. Damer will wrap up the course with exercises and examples to encourage attendees to use the properties of the Engine of Creation to bring forth extraordinary outcomes in their lives and for the wider world. Inspiring examples from history such as the intentional dream practices of Albert Einstein place a solid basis behind powerful innate capabilities of all of us.

Practices we will experience over the four sessions include:

1. Imagination exploration shaping both space and time
2. Aware, consistent yet unattached intention
3. Subtle awareness of pathways
4. Tracking and moving through the stepping stones with choice & action to traverse valleys of probability

Duration: 90 mins

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