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LOVE and WONDER: Meditating with The Radiance Sutras

A 4-part Webinar Series with Lorin Roche & Camille Maurine

Recorded on April 22, 29 & May 6, 13, 2018, Cost $49.

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“What is this power we call Life, appearing as the play of flesh and breath?
How may I know this mystery, and enter it more deeply?”
~ The Radiance Sutras
Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine invite you on a journey through the astonishing energies of creation. Imagine meditation as the practice of being intimate with life, a love affair between your body and the universe. This intimacy is an evolutionary adventure into ever-richer aesthetic experience.

We are designed to love creation. Physiological research indicates that the capacity to meditate is instinctive, part of the adaptive genius of nature. In meditation, we tune our senses to the dynamic creativity of life as it renews our bodies moment-by-moment. Awe, wonder, and beauty provide essential nutrition for body, heart, and soul. This state of heightened appreciation is a gift we bring to all our relationships and creative engagements with the world.

In each inspiring session Lorin and Camille share practices and selections from The Radiance Sutras, a contemporary sensuous version of an ancient meditation text. The Sutras sing of passionate serenity, in which your senses are alive to the vibrancy of the world, touching the sacred right here in the midst of daily life. The techniques are ways of allowing the ecstasy of the life-force to revitalize every level of your being.

Together we explore the art of intimacy in both inner and outer worlds:

  • Find your natural gateways into meditation
  • Deepen your capacity for relaxation and pleasure
  • Navigate challenges on the path of love
  • Embrace your wild nature and your vulnerable heart
  • Cherish individuality and the mystery of being alive

Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced inner traveler, in a relationship or flying solo, you can enrich and evolve your practice with new freedom, joy, and depth.

Helen PalmerLORIN ROCHE, PhD began teaching meditation in 1970 and earned his doctorate from University of California, Irvine for his work on the subjective experience of meditation. He specializes in helping people customize individual meditation practices to align with their unique nature. Rather than imposing a standardized, one-size-ts-all model, he has drawn on insights from the best of Western science and Eastern yoga to create his own approach called Instinctive Meditation. Dr. Roche is the author of Meditation Made Easy and The Radiance Sutras: 112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder and Delight.

CAMILLE MAURINE and her husband Lorin are the authors of the groundbreaking Meditation Secrets for Women: Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace as well as Meditation 24/7: Practices to Enlighten Every Moment of the Day. A dancer, meditator, and educator for over four decades, Camille’s work is an intimate fusion of meditation, movement, and expression, with a keen passion for women’s spiritual empowerment. She gives online courses on Meditation Secrets for Women, and is the founder of kinAesthetics dance yoga and Moving Theater, a transformational creative process. Together the couple lead a dynamic meditation teacher training and travel widely to give presentations, workshops, and retreats. Sharing their extensive meditation experience and 35-year dance of intimacy, Lorin and Camille reveal essential energy practices for keeping love alive, from both a male and female perspective.


tv_demand-iconAll the sessions will be recorded and available on demand so you may view at anytime. Check your email for details. Once you signup for the course on our website you will need to also register with zoom. Have any questions? Read our FAQ for webinar support.

Course Description:

April 22 – The Daring Path of Love

The instinct to love is a powerful force within us. Love is our origin and our destination, the most natural thing in the world. We long to be intimately connected to what we love, and will go anywhere, move any mountain, to find and protect our love – whether a person, a cause, our art, the divine. It’s a continual ache of the heart as we expand to give and receive more fully. Meditation is an essential ally on this wild, wondrous adventure. A healthy, vibrant meditation practice supports healthy, vibrant relationships. In your inner world, you tend and embrace all of who you are, which in turn helps you embrace the miracle of another. In this session, Lorin and Camille share foundational elements of their liberating, life-affirming approach and guide you to and your natural gateways into meditative experience.

Duration: 90 mins

April 29 – Obstacles on the Path

Meditative experience is continual flow and rhythm. When approached as an instinctive practice, meditation brings about states of restfulness deeper than deep sleep, in 3 to 5 minutes. This conscious rest produces relaxation and release of stress, which in turn causes mental movies of what we were stressed about. When we meditate after work, we flow through states of restfulness, relaxation, release of tension, review of stressors, and mental rehearsal of our to-do list, over and over. Most of what we think of as obstacles to meditation are not obstacles but intense experiences of rapid healing as we come home to ourselves. Relaxation can feel like falling, dying, disappearing, dissolving, or being drunk. During meditation we may need to cry, laugh, yell in anger, shake, vibrate with passion, or fall asleep. We may have startling insights and want to jump up and write them down. In this lesson, Lorin and Camille give tips on how to handle these states. We each need to learn to cooperate with the wild and serene energies owing through our bodies – a major skill of meditating in a healthy way.

Duration: 90 mins

May 6 – Drinking the Elixir

Meditative practices are a way of following the trail of our ordinary experience – the flow of breath, the beat of the heart, the pulsation of energy and sensation, the resonance of sound, and the world of vision. We come into contact with the essence of creation and are refreshed in body and soul. Senses, nerves, and emotions can reboot and reset, be tuned up for life. The physiological effects of meditation – powerful rest and release of stress – allow for a refreshment similar to sleep but deeper. In this state of repose, as we alternate between peacefulness and passion, the body creates nourishing, healing substances, its own natural soma. This is the elixir of meditation, a profound renewal of life. In this session we discuss skills for recognizing what you need and allowing yourself to absorb it – love, support, strength, release, freedom, peace, or balance. Receiving what we desperately want can be terrifying, and we need to learn to stay tender so that the elixir can flow into the hungry, hurting areas. Open to your full-body sensuality, the current of subtle erotic energy everywhere.

Duration: 90 mins

May 13 – Living in Love’s Body

Integrating meditative awareness into daily life is a practice in itself. After meditation, we are changed. Even a half-hour meditation can feel like having an affair or a vacation. We experience communion with the primordial energies of creation. Intimacy practices open up the senses, so that we are able to notice more of what is happening in the environment around us, and in our own responses. You can learn to protect your emerging sensitivity, with your vital energies flowing freely. Heightened awareness can give you more resilience, creativity, and choice in how you engage with others. You have greater ability to receive the gifts life offers in every moment, and to share your gifts with the world. This is the magic of living in your Body of Love.

Duration: 90 mins

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