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FAQ Webinar

I forgot the password to my SAND account. How do I log in?

Go to the Log In page, , and scroll down, and under “Sand Community” click on “Lost Password”. This will allow you go re-sent your password.

I didn’t receive any confirmation email after I registered?

Please check your spam folder in your inbox to see if it was filtered there.

Once I log in, what do I do next?

Go back to your email, and once again click on the link for the Landing Page of the Webinar for which you are registered. From there you will see all the episodes.

Will recordings of the episodes be available?

Yes, recordings will all be posted on our site within about two days of the live episode. Log into your SAND account, and then click on the Landing Page for your webinar to view recordings (see your emails for the landing page link)

For how long will recordings be available?

Recordings will be available for one year following the last day of the last episode.

What do I do if I want to ask a question?

You can either type your quetion into the chat box (best to type it only to the Hosts/Panelists rather than to Everyone), OR you can click on “Raise Hand” and wait for the panelist to call on you. When your name is called, unmute yourself and ask your question. (and then re-mute yourself when you are finished speaking).

I didn’t get to ask my question and now the episode is over. Is there any way for me to still ask?

This will vary from panelist to panelist. Please consult your weekly reminder emails for instructions.

I see someone else instead of the presenter on the screen. What should I do?

Hover your mouse over the frame of the presenter, and you will see three little dots in the upper right hand corner of that frame. Select “Pin Video”

I see a bunch of participants on the screen in small boxes rather than the main speaker in a large box. How to I change this?

In the upper right hand corner of your screen, select “Speaker View” rathern than “Gallery View”

What do I do once I am in the Webinar? What do the controls on the screen do? 

See this document for details on what everything means:

I loved this free Webinar, and I feel inspired to make a donation! How do I do that?

We welcome generous support from all who fee inspired! Navigate here and you can make your tax-deductable donation:

I missed a webinar how can I watch the recording?

You can go to our Archive page to watch all of our previous recordings.

How do I contact you for technical support?

Please address any login or technical issues to [email protected]

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