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Exploring Life Through Kashmiri Tantric Shaivism, Éric Baret (VoD)

Recording of a 3-part Webinar Series with Eric Baret

Recorded on December 2, 9, and 16, 2018

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Join Eric Baret for three Q&A live sessions in which we will explore life through the approach of Kashmiri Tantric Shaivism. The approach offered in this webinar will allow us to discover the psycho­physiological restrictions which prevent our body­mind from working harmoniously.

A letting go of images and resistances allows us to rediscover our original state as transparent­body, a light which points directly to silence. This is about tuning our instrument so that it can vibrate in harmony with the deepest currents of existence, creating a sensory opening, which can express itself without limits.

This approach, which acknowledges the body as the breath of Being, is part of the non­dual lineage of Kashmiri Tantric Shaivism.

About Éric Baret

Without either diploma or culture, Éric Baret has no special competence.

Deeply touched by the non-dual tradition through Jean Klein’s teaching, he spent over 20 years years exploring his experience from this perspective.

In his yoga seminars, satsangs and through his writing, Eric invites us to surrender to a listening that is free of any agenda or end-gaining.

His publications in French include:

Les crocodiles ne pensent pas, reflets du tantrisme Cachemirien
Crocodiles don’t think, reflections of Kashmir tantrism.

Le yoga tantrique du Cachemire
The tantric yoga of Kashmir

Le sacre du dragon vert, pour la joie de ne rien être
The consecration of the green dragon, for the joy of not being anything.

Le seul désir, dans la nudité des tantras
The only desire, in the nakedness of the tantras

Corps de Silence
Body of Silence

Corps de Vibration, Corps de Silence
Body of Vibration, Body of Silence

De l’Abandon
On Surrender


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