Meeting Trauma on a Spiritual Path

With Julie Brown Yau  •  Jan 27–Feb 10, 2018

A 3-part webinar series

“If you cannot find it in your own body, where will you go in search of it?” 
― The Upanishads

In our exploration of the nondual nature of trauma, we must first begin with its relative dualistic expression. We will explore how unresolved trauma is a barrier to the fullness of love and embodied awakening, and why trauma must be resolved for stabilizing refined states of consciousness.

As we explore, we will see that along with our remarkable capacity to heal from the devastating effects of trauma, we also have an amazing ability to guard against our deepest wounds. These mechanisms, often outside our awareness, prevent the deepening of our spiritual path.

By allowing ourselves to become aware of our vulnerabilities and fears we allow our innate strengths to be revealed. By taking the risks needed to heal/grow, and through a process of acceptance, we can uproot the crux of trauma and dissolve the defenses we have built against being our most authentic self.

Our sessions will be interactive, with periods for questions and responses. We will also engage in practices to enrich your experience and understanding of the material being shared.

In this Series, Julie touches deeper aspects of topics addressed in her first Course. Watching the previous Course before attending this one is advised, yet not compulsory. You may access it here.

Watch an interview of Julie Yau below (This is NOT the webinar)


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Module 1 – Compassion, Authenticity and the Resolution of Trauma

Jan 28, 2018

In our first week we will explore the courageous struggle with traumatic experience, yet how it can foster growth, wisdom and authenticity. As we consider the devastating and/or life denying effects of trauma and its presence in our body/brain, we will also consider the life gifts that lie within the healing process. We will look at the force of energies that trauma brings, and how to harness the energies for greater awareness. We will see how compassion is a doorway to a healing trauma.

Duration: 1 hours, 30 minutes

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Module 2 – The Constructive and Destructive Forces of Trauma

Feb 4, 2018

This week we will seek deeper insights into the spiritual dimension of trauma, and how to avoid, or return from, spiritual and intellectual bypassing. We will explore the human response of dissociation and immobility in their positive and negative aspects and their relationship to spiritual practices such as meditation.

Duration: 1 hours, 30 minutes

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Module 3 – Developmental Trauma

Feb 11, 2018

In this session we specifically explore developmental and relational trauma. These types of trauma dim our life force to varying degrees, which affects our unfolding life, current intimate relationships and spiritual maturation. As we release identities and psychological defenses and move toward surrender, the profound relief of not having to be someone is experienced, and so a flow into nondual awareness.

Duration: 1 hours, 30 minutes

Julie Brown Yau

Julie Brown Yau, Ph.D., SEP, is a certified NARM practitioner, and a dream pattern analyst. Using a unified approach for addressing developmental and shock trauma, Julie’s work includes the latest neuroscientific and psychosomatic findings, and Eastern wisdom. Julie has a private practice in Laguna Beach CA. Julie’s diverse 30-year background in spiritual, psychological and somatic traditions provides her with a unique depth of knowledge and experience. Julie also supports those who are actively dying to awaken to the multilevel cosmos. Julie is the director of education and program development at CCALS. Julie has lectured in hospitals, schools, and the UCI center for Integrative Medicine.