Introduction to Māori Self-Healing

Introduction to Māori Self-Healing

With Atarangi Murupaenga  •  Saturdays, June 3&10, 2023, 12–2:30pm PDT

A 2-Part Live Webinar Series

The work we do is holistic in its entirety. From alignment to right relationship, internally and externally, every part of the body has a meaning and a purpose, and when one or more parts are 'out' or 'off', our work is to connect, open, close, empower, and allow the body to re-organize and retrieve itself.

The mind will try to distract or manipulate, whereas the body only knows the truth. The body does not know how to lie, it is talking all the time. It talks through smell, taste, touch, action, withdrawal, anger, joy, so many ways…  
— Atarangi Murupaenga

Rongoā Māori (Māori healing) is a holistic approach based on 4 elements, wairua (spiritual), hinengaro (psychological), tinana (physical) and whanau (lineage). In this webinar, Atarangi shares the teachings of Mahi Rākau - Self Help / Self Healing.

She will be joined by two special guests:

  • Makuini Ruth Tai, a respected Māori leader and advocate from Aotearoa (New Zealand), known for her dedication to Māori language revitalization, cultural preservation, and indigenous empowerment.
  • Hirini Reedy, a champion of Māori language revitalization, music, and cultural preservation.

As human beings we have become complex, and this complexity amplifies our lack while hampering our access to true self. Mahi Rākau is a return to Simplicity. It is a modality taught through many generations, with a unique methodology that heals and complements each individual according to his or her needs. The name comes from Mahi: work, job, action and Rākau: stick, tree, branch, or medicine. It can be at once easy or hard, challenging, thought-provoking, heart opening, painful, or pain-relieving.

The Rākau is a tool to help you discover yourself. To use the Rākau for self-healing, you leverage your bodyweight, either standing, sitting, or lying on your Rākau. The Rākau then ‘bites’ the flesh of specific parts of the foot or body that hold tension, ache, an old injury or emotion.  The bite sends a signal to clear and cleanse, or to release a way of being and doing that no longer serve us. You will be led through various positions and exercises to help you find the home within. 

June 3 & 10, 2023
12–2:30pm PDT

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To participate, you will need to purchase three wooden sticks/dowel rods from your local timber or hardware store.  

  • 1" diameter x 20" length or 25mm diameter x 500mm length

  • 1.5" diameter x 24" length or 40mm diameter x 600mm length

  • 2" diameter x 24" length or 50mm diameter x 600mm length

A bit longer in length is fine. If nothing else, a broom handle will do. 

Mahi Rākau is meant to be learned “by heart” and through enough repetition to integrate it well into the body until it is second nature.  

Our work together will take place barefoot, on the floor, as for a yoga class. Having a wall nearby may help you balance, or consider a straight-backed chair if getting down to and being on the floor for an extended period of time is a challenge.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, create your floor space, and have some water at hand.

Each session has its own energy and flow. Some information will repeat in order to take us deeper into the work. Other information will be new.

You may deepen and reinforce the learning with Atarangi’s e-book, Mahi Waewae.

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  • Applications will be accepted through May 26, 2023
  • Responses will be sent on May 29, 2023

Scholarship applications are now closed.

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Module 1: Mahi Rākau - Self Help / Self Healing – Introduction to the Openers

Jun 3, 2023 12:00pm - 2:30pm PDT

In this first session, we will be introduced to the ancestral Māori practice of using tools from nature to release stuck or stagnant energy within the body. The Openers are used to awaken the ley lines in the body, a life book that lead to the major organs and mirror how we are in our body. They enable us to help ourselves when we are not connected to our greater self. These Openers will be primarily sitting and standing positions, with alternate options for those who may be challenged in either case.

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4 days

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Module 2: Mahi Rākau - Self Help / Self Healing – Expansion from the Openers

Jun 10, 2023 12:00pm - 2:30pm PDT

We will begin this session with the Openers and then expand further into the body, unlocking the ley lines in the legs, torso and head to further activate the body. These will open energetic pathways to clear out physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual traumas and old memories.  Atarangi will guide participants through these movements, either standing, sitting or lying down, again with alternate positions and adjustments as needed.

Atarangi Murupaenga

Atarangi was raised in the small coastal community of Ahipara and is affiliated to the Ngati Kuri, Te Aupouri, and Te Rarawa tribes. Her name translates as ata (dawn) rangi (light) and means ‘the realisation of one’s visions’. Atarangi’s drive in this work is about supporting and helping people grow by using specific tools for self-healing.  Her passion for the healing arts was ignited at an early age when her training began at the knees of her many Kuia (Elder women) and Koroua (Elder men), as is the traditional path.  Today she passes these ancient healing arts forward to her children, grandchildren, and her extended family both biological and spiritual.  Atarangi works and teaches extensively at home from her clinic in the town of Kaitaia, throughout all of Aotearoa (New Zealand), and hold clinics in countries around the world.

Atarangi Muru is a cofounder of Māori Healers, cofounder of Te Rongopae - A Clear Bright Horizon workshop intensive, and founder of Kawa Ariki - The Goddess Returns (ancestral women’s teachings workshop), cofounder of Mahi Rākau – Self Help / Self Healing, creator of Let’s Romi and Rongo Matua, amongst other offerings.  She acknowledges Hohepa Delamare (Papa Joe) and Manu Korewha for their contributions to the Māori Healers during their time on this earth and now as guides from beyond the veil.

Atarangi has traveled internationally, sharing the treasures of the teachings with a global whanau since February 2000.

I do my best to live an Intentional Life. I want to be intentional about what I do, what I say, how I work, how I reach out to people, how I heal. And the key to that is to ensure I am healing myself along the way.  For me this is done for our forward future AND for my eventual return. May I come back remembering this work, the teachers, the way.