Finding Our Innermost Core and Our Vast Expanse

Finding Our Innermost Core and Our Vast Expanse

With Judith Blackstone  •  Saturday, May 9, 2020 at 10am PDT

A Free, Online Live Conversation Facilitated by Vera de Chalambert

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In this live and interactive interview, Judith Blackstone will describe how we can uncover our true nature as fundamental consciousness–subtle, luminous spaciousness pervading our own bodies and our environment as a whole. This is a shift from living on the surface of ourselves to living everywhere in our bodies. It is also a shift from identifying with ideas and beliefs about who we are to an actual experience of our being. This is the basis of deep, authentic contact with ourselves, with other people and with all of nature.  

We will explore how through fundamental consciousness:

  • We increase our capacity for love, understanding and pleasure.
  • We mature and heal as individuals at the same time as we awaken to our oneness with everything around us.
  • We experience a more subtle, direct use of our senses–we see, hear and touch with our whole being.
  • We access and live within the innermost subtle core of our body and being.
  • We can more safely let go of our protective, fragmenting grip on ourselves and be authentic, spontaneous and creative.
  • We can experience intimacy with other people without losing inward contact with ourselves.

There will also be time for questions. Please join us!

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A Free Conversation with Judith Blackstone Facilitated by Vera de Chalambert

May 9, 2020 10:00am - 11:30am PDT

Judith Blackstone

Judith Blackstone, Ph.D, is an innovative nonduality teacher and psychotherapist. She developed the Realization Process, an embodied approach to psychological and relational healing and nondual realization and teaches workshops and teacher certication trainings throughout the United States and online. She is author of Belonging Here, The Intimate Life, The Enlightenment Process and The Empathic Ground and a six CD series of the Realization Process from Sounds True. Her latest book is Trauma and the Unbound Body: the Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness.