Deep Trauma Healing

Deep Trauma Healing

With Gail Brenner  •  Recorded Feb. 12, 16, 19, 23 & 26, 2022

Finding Ease and Well-Being in Daily Life; A 5-Part Online Series

We all want to feel good in our lives, to be relaxed and feel peaceful, optimistic, and inspired. This is our birthright, our natural way of being. 

Why is this not our everyday experience? Unexplored trauma is at the root of patterns that keep us stuck in emotional pain and limited in life. We long to be free, but somehow these same patterns keep getting played out in our mind, emotions, relationships, and choices in life.

Come and join this powerful 5-session course as we create a safe and supportive healing community to do the deep work of trauma healing. Trauma happens in relationships that lack the safety we need. In this course, we come together to offer a safe space that welcomes you just as you are—with your fears, self-doubts, shame, and confusion. 

Through focused teachings, guided meditation, and experiments during and between our sessions, you’ll learn to untangle your conditioned patterns from the past and find your way home to being present and alive in your life as it is right now. This is where you’re available to creativity, enthusiasm, and the simple joys of everyday living. 

Your daily life will be the laboratory as we explore specific tools to feel grounded and safe within yourself and your relationships. 

Stress and worry… people pleasing… persistent relationship struggles… proving yourself through accomplishments… the inner critic… these longstanding patterns are profound invitations for compassion and understanding. Together, we’ll lovingly embrace our humanness as we expand into peace, connection, and everyday joy.


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Module 1: Understanding How Trauma Works
Grounding in the Present with Curiousity and Openness

Feb 12, 2022 9:00am - 11:00am PST

First, we'll slow everything down so you can begin to lovingly open to all parts of yourself. Then we get curious about what we discover. We'll practice using the breath and our senses to create a safe and welcoming base as we begin to become aware of the hidden parts of ourselves. This is what heals shame.

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Module 2: Getting to know our patterns
Practice: Compassion for all of our experience

Feb 16, 2022 9:00am - 11:00am PST

We’ll explore our repetitive patterns through journaling and small group explorations. We’ll turn toward the fear behind these patterns to meet it with love and care. Gently, we become aware of exactly how we get caught so we can question limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves, others, and the world. The possibility for freedom dawns.

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Module 3: How the body holds trauma
Practice: Attuning to the body with love and care

Feb 19, 2022 9:00am - 11:00am PST

We’ll bring awareness to the body and explore how the nervous system gets activated when we’re triggered. We’ll discuss a range of practices for caring for the body, especially during stressful times. This is how you find the space to live more fully in the present.

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Module 4: What is an emotion?
Practice: Navigating the waves of difficult emotions

Feb 23, 2022 9:00am - 11:00am PST

Turning toward all of our experience with compassion, we learn to embrace our emotions with the unconditional love they desperately long for. Together, we’ll practice holding safe space for ourselves and our emotions at a pace that feels right, staying connected to our own individual needs.

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Module 5: Living fully in everyday life
Practice:Opening beyond our patterns into ease and well-being

Feb 26, 2022 9:00am - 11:00am PST

With growing trust in staying grounded, we’ll explore the practicalities of daily life with more openness and ease. How do you bring this new sense of freedom into your relationships and life situations? We’ll feel into the possibility of taking care of old patterns that arise as we live more and more in our full aliveness now. 

Gail Brenner

Gail Brenner, Ph.D. is a psychologist, author, teacher, and lover of truth with a fire that burns brightly. She is an expert in healing from early trauma and brings to this work years of experience with individuals and groups. Her work lovingly illuminates our everyday humanness with the deepest spiritual truths, and she is known for creating the safe space needed for  inner exploration. 

Gail has special expertise working with older adults and their families in the transitions of aging, death, and dying. She was an assistant clinical professor at the University of California San Francisco where she trained physicians and maintained a clinical practice. She has published numerous professional articles on coping with stress and chronic medical illness and is the author of the award-winning The End of Self-Help and Suffering Is Optional. She loves exploring different cultures through international volunteering. 

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“I’m very appreciative of all that you bring to our session. I admire your beautiful and unique combination of skills, knowledge, and qualities. Your voice is clear, direct and strong, and at the same time soft and calming. I’m so glad that I said “Yes!” to the opportunity to share this time together with you and all of the other beautiful people in our community.” ~Holly C.

I’ve gained much from many practices and processes over the years, but it is your kindness and teachings and the compassionate gentle way you offer of being present with and exploring these beliefs, that have made an absolute world of difference in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my much-more-open heart!" ~C.R.

“This course has changed my life. I was deeply moved by how Gail held each person, modeling for us how to hold ourselves and each other in lovingkindness and presence.” ~Erica C.

“Gail creates, embodies and models a very safe space which is helping to create safety in myself on a day to day level which is Huge. She is excellent! I liked the experiential elements including the homework.” ~H.F.

“I have learnt that a loving and non-judgmental space is most powerful for bringing old patterns to light for clarity and unwinding. Gail’s expression of truth and love create a very safe space to bring what is up for me. The break out rooms are a wonderful way to bring everyone’s voice in.” ~Lisa F.

“I feel quite lucky to have stumbled into this workshop, as it seems to have shown me a way out of an immense feeling of stuckness. I appreciate your unique qualities, and how they enable a welcoming and healing space…” ~Lilach L.

“I found it extremely beneficial to connect to others who are on the same spiritual path. Your workshop made me aware that being around like-minded people is important.” ~Laura C.