Creation from Destruction

Creation from Destruction

With Isira  •  Sundays June 28, July 5 & July 12, 2020 at 4pm PDT

Indigenous and spiritual wisdom for today’s crises: A 3-Part Live Webinar Series

The end of a well known Hopi Prophecy says, "We are the ones we have been waiting for." We may intuitively know this, but how do we practically respond to this call during a pandemic, or in the midst of individual, societal and environmental degradation? Distinguished spirtual leader Isira, from the Aboriginal land of Kaurna in Southern Australia, takes us on a sacred journey to ourselves, to remember what we once knew, to rekindle the Indigenous wisdom that burns within each of us and to regenerate ourselves and our world.

In this original webinar series, Isira will:

  • Help us see the current human and existential crises we are facing through an indigenous and spiritual lens
  • Share how the the 4 Pillars of Lore (relationship to self, other, nature and the cosmos) are essential to reawaken and restore our creative power
  • Guide us, as honorary members of a new ReGeneration, to a deep sense of commitment and agency

You will receive: 

  • 3 live & interactive sessions with Isira
  • Q&A with Isira
  • Video recordings of each meeting available to watch online for at least a year
  • Audio recordings of each meeting that you can download and keep forever
  • Guided meditations, visualizations and contemplations

Through contemplating and applying indigenous and spiritual wisdom to contemporary crises, Isira will help us answer that ancient call and step into our creative power.

Further Reading:

Isira suggests joining the free version of "The Awakening Place" to access Isira's Alpha Breathing program. Books, videos, and articles can be accessed on Isira's website.

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4 weeks

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Module 1: Why all our crises are spiritual in nature

Jun 28, 2020 4:00pm - 5:30pm PDT

It is impossible to heal from a disease that we don’t understand.

In this first session, Isira will:

  • Share personal stories of destruction, through being homeless, abused and nearly murdered, and how the creative power of compassion was able to save her life
  • Explore the various human and existential crises we are facing, from the Covid-19 pandemic to the mental health crisis and environmental degradation
  • Offer an incisive commentary on the spiritual dimension of all crises
  • Observe the characteristics of fracturing in society, and how these fractures are all foretold in indigenous traditions around the world
  • Guide us to meet our crises with compassion and wisdom, and see the breakdown of society as an ancient yet urgent invitation for us to step into our creative power

What is this invitation, and how can we practically make sense of it?

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1 month

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Module 2: The Creative Power of The 4 Pillars of Lore

Jul 5, 2020 4:00pm - 5:30pm PDT

What if we could understand all our crises through indigenous wisdom?

In this second session, Isira will:

  • Introduce the 4 Pillars of Lore—our relationship to ourselves, to kin/family, to the natural world, and to the cosmos—and how these relationships can be seen present in indigenous traditions the world over.
  • Explore the relevance of these relationships to all people and how their breakdown has led to demise
  • Scrutinize some of today’s most prevalent crises, including the Covid-19 pandemic, through the lens of the Four Lores
  • Guide us in understanding how the Four Lores are not only essential to making sense of the destruction that is taking place, but also a system for reawakening and regenerating ourselves and our world 
  • Inspire us to see ourselves through the 4 Pillars of Lore, restore our own relationships, and get ready to take action

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1 month

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Module 3: Welcome to the ReGeneration—Taking Action

Jul 12, 2020 2:00pm - 3:30pm PDT

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. What next?

In this final session, Isira will:

  • Explore the concept of agency and action, how it can be creatively and properly understood
  • Guide us as honorary members of the ReGeneration, to restore the 4 Pillars of Lore in our lives
  • Provide practical examples of "ReGen actions" that we might all take to apply indigenous and spiritual wisdom in our lives

What next? You are.


A respected wisdom keeper and spiritual master, Isira offers profound understanding and hope in times of crisis. Isira was born and raised on the Aboriginal land of Kaurna in Southern Australia. Having been ordained by His Holiness Dalai Lama and been initiated in Aboriginal and Indigenous earth rites, Isira unifies indigenous wisdom with the contemporary challenges we face today. Isira believes crises are a critical aspect of the evolution of human consciousness, and that all of the crises we face in society are fundamentally spiritual in nature.

Isira’s high level counsel for individuals, communities and governments dealing with crises helps them to meet the unprecedented challenges we face today with a deep level of consciousness and compassion.

Isira has delivered programs and talks internationally for more than 30 years. A powerful advocate for conscious change, Isira’s provocative and powerful analysis of the issues we face are helping around the world. With love and compassion, Isira offers profound ways to navigate the divisive realms of politics, climate change, mental health and beyond, and see these divisions as an invitation to revision, restore and regenerate ourselves and our world.

Isira is the author of multiple books and other publications, and she is regularly featured in documentary films, radio programs and as a wisdom keeper and keynote speaker at global forums.

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