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VIDEO: Conversation on Trauma & Spirituality

A panel with with Scott Kiloby, Richard Miller and Russ Hudson; facilitated by Julie Yau.

A profound and intrinsic relationship exists between trauma and spirituality that can foster emotional maturity and psychospiritual growth. The survival response embedded within trauma has the potential to catalyze authentic spiritual transformation. Similarly, as our essential wholeness is rediscovered on a spiritual path, trauma can be met with greater compassion and an appreciation of the interconnectedness to self, nature, and the cosmos. Spiritual realizations can allow us fearlessly to touch into the death-like void that is often at the root of trauma. When early trauma, dissociation, and/or intergenerational trauma has occurred, however, the spiritual path can be an unconscious means of avoiding the resolution of trauma and full embodiment. The panel members will discuss their views and insights on the seeming two paths and the significance of recognizing the importance of uniting them for our overall well being, increased consciousness, and spiritual unfolding.

This video was recorded at SAND 15

2 Responses to “Conversation on Trauma & Spirituality”

  1. February 01, 2016 at 3:26 pm, Kieran Riordan said:

    Adjustment to trauma
    Adaptations to senselessness
    Seem to inform us
    Of a less than perfect place

    What a journey it is for us
    To find breakthrough restfulness
    In the present.
    To arrive at the perfect place

    Where you are in life
    Or how great your achievement
    Is a distant speck
    When seen from this perfect place.

    When the gut lets go
    Offering a cushion
    For the heart to rest
    We abide in this perfect place

    When your thinking whispers harmless,
    A little radio on a golden beach.
    We can laugh at last, in free fall,
    Embraced in this perfect place.

    For the dear friend and inspiration that is myself. You will never fully know just how perfectly your journey through darkness has lit the way for Me.

  2. February 04, 2016 at 3:22 am, Leanora said:

    I have a lot to say on this topic, perhaps more than this space requires. Safety is available to us by moving awareness directly to the heart. The heart consciousness is love, and unity (the collapsing of duality) and also provides access to the void. Trauma has shaped our sense of self, by developing the heat connection we are creating a powerful resource of both safety (home) and love… from here we can see with the eyes of love… and we are accessing a sense of self (true self… which holds our essence and innocence and truth). This shift of a sense of self, provides the support and willingness to access the body memory/trauma without being pulled off centre by it (without identifying it). This is self realisation to heal trauma, and healing trauma for self realisation. The development of a quality of heart centered sovereignty and healing through grace is a method for self realisation which heals trauma very easily and calls us to become whole and integrated. more info at

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