You Cannot be Present

By Éric Baret

Eric replies to a question from the audience at his Amsterdam retreat:
"Is it all about acknowledging my feelings and being in the moment?"

He explains clearly that there is no need for the self to appropriate achievement, and points out that the Christian and Sufi traditions, unlike the Buddhist tradition, acknowledge this by emphasizing that the goal is not to become anything—rather it is to become nothing.

His words are shaped and sustained by the nondual tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, and take us back to the simple observation of our felt sense of emotion and, ultimately, to pure listening. This allows a liberating realization: the root of suffering is an illusion, and all claims to knowledge are a pretense. 

The first English translation of one of Eric Baret’s books, Let the Moon Be Free, is available on Amazon. These dialogues are an invitation to celebrate life in the present moment, free from the fear of an imaginary future

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