Why Gurus Fall from Grace - SAND19 US

By Craig Holliday

Why do most Gurus fall from Grace? For the same reasons we do. We live in an evolutionary world. A world of growth out of darkness and into greater expressions of Divinity. When we do not understand the importance of shadow work on the spiritual path, we can cause ourselves and those around us great pain and actually stall our own evolution.  Our “shadow” is the evolving edge of both our human and Divine expression. The shadow arises when our unconscious mind tries to slow down, ignore or avoid growth on the path. Because God is both Absolute and ever evolving in form, if we ignore our shadow or our growing edge, we will fall from Grace and be forced to face that which we do not want to see. Therefore, in order to truly be free in an embodied way, we must be aware of and understand how to work with our personal, relational, professional, and collective shadow.

Honesty, humility, sincerity, courage, and willingness are required to do shadow work. These same qualities are also the qualities of embodied awareness. As we courageously explore our shadow, our direct experience of awareness and true nature also deepens and this embodied awareness becomes the foundation for an abiding awakening. To the degree that you are conscious of both the Divine and Human aspects of yourself is the degree that you manifest awakened consciousness in the world. 

In this talk we:
• explore the areas of shadow regarding trauma, addiction, and other disowned aspects of our humanity and Divinity.
• investigate anxiety and fear, sadness and anger, and their corresponding Divine expressions of open-heartedness, fearlessness, compassion and power.  
• open to our shadow and discover any disowned aspects of True Nature within and invite our fuller Divine Expression to come forward.

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