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Understanding the Creative Portal

By Isa Gucciardi

The mystery and power of the creative process can perhaps be best understood through the lens of the birthing process. The creative portal that opens during the birthing process is the same portal that opens when the creative impulse moves through the artist or scientist who is seeking inspiration. The portal is very clearly delineated and articulated in birthing in a way that is not always so easy to perceive in other types of creative processes. In this talk, we will explore the nature of the creative portal in the birthing process and learn what it shows us about the creative portals that open in other artistic and scientific endeavors. We will learn how the creative portal supports and directs inspiration and how we can align ourselves with it in order to better manifest what we envision. We will also discover what the creative portal asks of us and what kinds of practices we may have to engage in to be able to best serve its requirements. We will explore what happens when we are not in alignment with the portal and how this affects our ability to receive and direct inspiration and intention into that which we wish to manifest. Through experiential work, we will learn how to identify the creative portals in our lives and how to awaken them. Through this exploration, we can learn how to align our lives as human beings with the universal forces of creativity and generativity. By becoming a student of the creative portal, we can learn how to ground these processes in our everyday lives so that we can participate most fully with the mystery of the forces that inspire and guide our lives. This talk is based on the Tracking Spirit in the Birth Environment retreat that Isa has taught for over 10 years.

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