Truth Seeking, Science and Pandemic

By Francis Lucille

Francis answers Jeanric's questions in this touching interview:
1. What drew you to study Science?
2. How did you take the turn, from a promising young civil servant for the French government to a spiritual seeker?
3. What is it in the world of science that touches you the most spiritually? Which are the scientific phenomena which most point to the nondual nature of reality?
4. What is it, ultimately, that most unites the scientific mind and the drive of the spiritual seeker?
5. Are there examples of great scientists who were also mystics?
6. Is reality absolutely out of reach for the mind?
7. We are living extraordinary times, with the world virtually brought to a halt by a microscopic piece of DNA. Some people will encounter death around them for the first time, and some people will come into contact with their fear of death. What do you say to them?
8. What can we hope to learn in general from the crisis at hand?
9. A lot of people are going to be depressed, staying at home, with no work, no hope. What advice would you give them?
10. Why are so many conspiracy theories emerging now? What is the need in the human psyche?
11. Now, as we are confined in our home, for some of us, tempers are flaring and conflicts arise. In some cases, there's domestic violence. Do you have advice for those of us who are caught in that loop?
12. Do we ever outgrow our conditioning, or do we just become more intimate with it?
13. Is there such a thing as living life bathing in beauty harmony and peace, or is there always room for less comfortable feelings?

This talk is hosted by Jeanric Meller.

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