This Beautiful Drowning: Returning to the Ocean of Is-ness

By Pouria Montazeri

How can a fish become aware that it swims in that which it seeks?

Over 745 years ago, in one of the many poems he created that points to the essence of nonduality (Divân, poem #323), Rumi speaks to the secrets of the breath and, with great artistry, paints a picture that juxtaposes a life led by the sense of identity with one that is led by abiding in the Is-ness.

Awakening unfolds when we heed the call of the universal Love whose seat resides in the compass of the human heart.  Through understanding the undifferentiated aspect of Love out of which everything in Existence arises, one gets to awaken, realizing the permanency of reality behind all impermanence and shifting from the superficiality of this life toward the deeper and higher reality that permeates our Being inside out. Our breath becomes the vehicle of awakening.

Consider the supreme spirit as the sea and the bodies as the foam;
come, you who are the pearl of the sea. (Rumi, Divân, poem #3110)

Here, there is no room for two, what is the meaning of I and you
consider these two as one, so long as you are in our assembly. (Rumi, Divân, poem #2965)


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