The Way of Love That Sets You Free - SAND19 US

By Gail Brenner

You love the deepest teaching of truth and freedom, and maybe you’ve had a taste of awakening to your true nature. Yet you still struggle in your relationships. You’re still dealing with your past or resenting your childhood. You’re still self-critical and feel anxious or depressed.

In our sacred time together, you’re invited to bring these personal struggles into open inquiry and exploration. In a safe and supportive group gathering, we untangle the ways you feel separate and discover over and over the infinite peace of your true nature, available in any moment.

Turning toward all of your experience with curiosity and deep acceptance is the way of love that sets you free. You learn to identify subtle inner resistances that keep you feeling separate from yourself—and from life. We slow things down so you can take a breath and be fully present with whatever is appearing. You learn practical skills to help you move through sticky, conditioned patterns.

We respect the humanity of your stories, and we go beyond them to relax into the openness beyond all stories—undisturbed by any problem or emotion. Here we find immediate heart-opening, gratitude for what’s been given, and an undeniable intimacy with all that is.

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