The Rainbow World, A New Physics for a New Self

By Riccardo Manzotti


Neuroscience and psychology have been unable to address the hard problem of consciousness because they have assumed a naïve notion of the physical world. We have not been able to locate ourselves in nature because we have been unable to see the world for what the world really is. The world is not a monochromatic collection of objective physical properties perceived through multiple subjective appearances. Rather, the world is a rainbow world where everything exists in multiple versions relative to everything else. Rather than dividing physics into separate entities loosely connected by means of information, Dr. Manzotti affirms that it is possible to step ahead and develop a new physics in which there is no longer any separation between self and world. The object is a multitude and we are a subset of such a multitude. Each of us has a body that singles out a unique path of light towards a rainbow world.

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