The End of Quantum Reality

By Wolfgang Smith

Mathematician/philosopher/physicist Wolfgang Smith has chosen to emerge now, at the summit of his life’s work, in order to prepare a new generation for what he calls “a singular moment in history.”  Is the so-called “quantum reality problem” actually the sign that a four-century arc of human history — what René Guénon has called “the reign of quantity” — is reaching its end?

The End of Quantum Reality — which also features Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Olavo de Carvalho, and narrator Richard DeLano — is being brought to you by the creative team behind The Principle  (2014).  Watch their latest trailer for a film designed to blow the doors off the quantum reality problem and signal the end of the Reign of Quantity.


Almost one hundred years ago, the project to reduce the world to mathematical physics failed suddenly and completely: “One of the best-kept secrets of science,” physicist Nick Herbert writes, “is that physicists have lost their grip on reality.” The world, we are now told, emerges spontaneously, out of “nothing,” and constitutes a “multiverse,” where “anything that can happen will happen, and it will happen an infinite number of times.”

Reclusive Wolfgang Smith demonstrates on shockingly obvious grounds the dead end at which physics has arrived, and how we can “return, at last, to the real world.”

“Wolfgang Smith broaches a vast range of subjects with a mastery that bespeaks an immense culture… It would be hard to exaggerate the importance of [his] work.”— Jean Borella, Professor of Philosophy, University of Nancy, France

“Here is that rare person who is equally at home with Eckhart and Einstein, Heraclitus and Heisenberg!”— Harry Oldmeadow, Professor of Philosophy, La Trobe University, Australia

“Wolfgang Smith is as important a thinker as our times boast.”— Huston Smith, Professor of Philosophy, M.I.T., and author of The World’s Religions