The Deeper Story behind Crises

By Isira

In ‘The Deeper Story Behind Crises’, the wisdom keeper and spiritual master Isira invites us to look into the causes behind the critical challenges we face, and find the gifts of wisdom that lie within them. Isira is no stranger to crises. As a teenager, she was brutally raped and nearly murdered, but was able to manifest limitless compassion, which ultimately saved her life and has been the hallmark of her journey in this life.

Isira examines how practical and powerful wisdom can be found in all of the crises that we face at an individual and societal level - whether it is the global COVID-19 pandemic, domestic abuse, mental health, poverty or beyond. Drawing upon deep Indigenous wisdom, Isira guides us to see the spiritual dimension of all crises, and how, lying latently within each of them, is a sacred invitation to reawakening and regeneration. Now is our time, our moment to grow through this pain, and from these destructive forces to give birth to new creation.

This talk is hosted by Katie Gray.

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