Peter Russell: The Dawn of a New Paradigm in Science

One thing science knows is that our experience is a construct. Sensory information is processed by the brain giving raise to our own experience. This construct appear to have shape color and solidity. What is the world out there actually like?

Physics show that when we look at matter it is mostly empty space. We therefore observe this nothingness and it is our mind that gives it the appearance of solidity. Which is the conclusions reached by mystics trough the ages. Maybe it is not a nonduality of matter but a nonduality of consciousness we should explore.

The new hard question is not how brain gives rise to consciousness but how do our minds take on all the different forms that we experience as reality?

The nondual perspective to this question is that all is one, there is no difference between form and emptiness, mind and matter.

Could this nondual prospective heal the split between science and spirituality?