The Changing Earth

By Dahr Jamail and Stan Rushworth

Stan and Dahr are working on a project called The Changing Earth: Indigenous Voices from Turtle Island.

The book emerges from how Indigenous peoples' experience has given them a unique understanding of civilizational devastation, one that has endowed them with knowledge and solutions that present both radical and pragmatic responses to crises beyond anything known before. There has been much important talk from NGOs and foundations about the incorporation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge into whole fields of study and understanding, and this book will address that, as well as a much larger sense of TEK than is customarily thought of. It involves knowledge gained not only from pre-contact ways of life but from the ensuing generations of adaptation to another way of seeing life and Earth. It is a knowledge of how to endure and persevere, no matter the odds. As such, it must involve a very broad range of Indigenous perspectives and practices.

This interview by Lynn Murphy explored these questions:

  • What is this current crisis revealing to us that we haven’t wanted to see?
  • To open to indigenous cosmology and ways of seeing and meeting this moment, what do those with western minds and ways need to unlearn?
  • The beautiful film about Stan called Prayer for the Earth: An Indigenous Response to These Times highlighted the need to have right relationship with the Earth. Without this, there will be no climate solutions. We explore what is right relationship to the earth and whether this can be a moment of initiation.
  • What is role of grief and mourning in the current and coming transition?

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