The Art and Science of Nondual Love - SAND19 US

By Loch Kelly

This talk is based on Loch's new book, The Way of Effortless Mindfulness. Both quantum physics and current neuroscience studies agree that we are all interconnected. Loch shares discoveries from the recent neuroscience of awakening and ways to reverse-engineer the findings to support living from nondual love.

We learn helpful pointers to “waking up” from a separate sense of self, “waking in” to a natural embodied well-being and “waking out” to be able to create and lovingly relate. Waking up leads to freedom from the fear of death. Waking in leads to freedom from the fear of life. Waking out leads to freedom from the fear of love. We learn Loch’s contemporary versions of ancient wisdom pointers in order to welcome and liberate shadow parts that keep us from being and sharing the love we already are.

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