Standing at the Edge of the Unknown, Dorothy Hunt

How long have you been standing at the edge of the Unknown, wanting to realize or consciously embody what is true, but time and again distracting yourself? You may have had glimpses into your own timeless Presence. Yet, right at the edge of shifting identity, right at the edge of awakening more deeply, the mind keeps selling its wares, its fear of the unknown: “Don’t go any further.” “You’ll disappear.” “You will die, or if not, you will go crazy.” “You will not be able to function.“ And so you keep finding ways to postpone discovering or living more fully as What you truly are by remaining attached to the stories of what you are not. You keep seeking for answers in ideas, books, teachings, in the known, and in a “self” created by thought. Yet thought, which can only operate in time and duality, can only take us to the edge of the known; it cannot take us beyond itself. However, that which is silently aware of perception, thought and feeling, holds the key to liberation, peace, and happiness. That which sees the mind of confusion or clarity, and is awake to the presence of joy or sadness, the body’s contractions or its openness, exists in/as each one of us, and cannot be threatened. In our willingness to “not know,” yet remain intimately engaged, that which is most deeply true may reveal itself, deliver unexpected insights, open our senses to the whole, and dissolve the “seeker” along with both questions and doubts. Through meditative inquiry and dialogue, we will invite ourselves to the edge of the known, and beyond. No one can give you what you truly are, but you are never separated from its infinite Presence, the true Heart of Being, beyond any idea of a separate self.

Dorothy Hunt serves as spiritual director of Moon Mountain Sangha, teaching at the request and in the spiritual lineage of Adyashanti. She is the founder of the San Francisco Center for Meditation and Psychotherapy, and is the author of a number of articles on Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy as well as two collections of poetry and spiritual reflections, Only This! and Leaves from Moon Mountain. Dorothy is a featured spiritual teacher in the book, Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom, and has a long and deep connection with the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and Nondual teachings of many traditions.