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SAND18 US — The White Lions: Substantiating the Science and Sacred Science

By Jason Turner and Linda Tucker

In the midst of a global lion crisis that treats Africa’s most sacred animals as a killing commodity in cross-border trade, Linda Tucker and specialist lion ecologist, Jason A. Turner, have dedicated their lives to the solution. Today, every conservation issue is a global issue. If Brazil destroys its rain forests, the world has lost its lungs. If South Africa loses its White Lions, humanity has forsaken our most iconic animal offering the key to leadership on this planet, and restoration of order in chaos. While every crisis is interrelated, so are the solutions. The work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust has united ancient indigenous knowledge with modern science to help save species, reviving ecosystems and human value systems – in a leadership model of sustainable living with mutual benefits for Lions, Land and People. The importance of the White Lions’ sudden reoccurrence on the brink of the polar reversal and climate change is directly linked with the appearance of other prophetic “spirit animals” on all continents, including the White Buffalo and the Spirit Bear of British Columbia. Ancient belief holds that these are Nature’s greatest blessing, or final warning. Their importance, in summary: Ecologically, apex predator and “Capstone animal” restoring the biodiversity of a critical important ecosystem through trophic cascading. Geographically, unique speciation on the Golden Meridian Zep Tepi – corresponding with the East African Rift Valley, the tectonic seam in the African continent, which scientists identify as the “Birth Canal of Human Species”. Climactically, precursors to the forthcoming Ice-Age. Culturally, cross-cultural symbol of majestic importance, offering lessons in leadership – at this evolutionary turning point in humanity’s history. Astrologically, Turning of Ages which astrologically marks the brink of the Leo-Aquarius Age. Spiritually, luminous symbol of unification and good governance, providing luminous inspiration to achieve what may seem impossible: a leadership plan for peace and planetary regeneration.

Also available in audio: SAND18 - The White Lions

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