SAND18 US - The Centrality of the Heart in Being Human

By John Prendergast

In this experiential presentation that will include a talk, guided meditation, and dialogue, we will explore how being fully human requires both the awakening of the deep Heart that is shared by all beings as well as the full embrace of the vulnerable human heart. It is the deep or universal Heart of compassionate presence that is able to most tenderly and fully hold the suffering human heart, creating an optimal environment for its natural unfolding.

The heart area is a center of great emotional and energetic sensitivity as well as a portal to our true nature as loving awareness. It is where we feel self-love and self-loathing, a core worthiness or unworthiness, as well as grief and joy. It is also the wellspring of profound gratitude, appreciation and wonder and where we recognize our inherent wholeness and non-separateness from all of life.

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