SAND18 US — Psychic Abilities and Awakening

By Jac O’Keeffe

Psychic skills offer access to extraordinary insights into the phenomenal world, yet this ability can prove to be a stumbling block on the path to abiding in Absolute Reality. This presentation will explore the nature of the psychic realm, where it fits into the spiritual spectrum, and how to avoid the common pitfalls and potential to get stuck there. Of those who are given this 'gift' many find it hard to let go of it and its trappings. Yet, the spiritual path necessitates a surrendering into ordinariness. Not letting it go or putting it in its proper perspective can have two common effects: it can distract and prevent one from abiding in the Truth, and it may also make it hard to have a fully embodied and functional phenomenal life (relative reality). Cultural values placed on psychic abilities range from seeing it as a gift, a curse and indicative of mental health issues. Access to the non-physical worlds offers another layer of perceivable information that may be refined and ethereal but is still part of the cause and effect construct of the illusion (maya). When it is given too much authority or interpreted as truth, the Truth cannot be seen. On my own journey, a spontaneous third eye opening initiated an abrupt orientation toward spirituality and ultimately Truth. I am amazed at how often people have asked me about my journey and when I answer, they get so caught up in the 3rd eye opening that they never get to the awakening. While subtle skills of perception can be useful when working with a student to pinpoint where they are stuck, for the most part information from non-physical realms is ignored. This talk redefines the role of psychic abilities and non-physical realms within spirituality.

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