SAND18 US — Our Greater Yet to Be

By Deborah Johnson

What if we put into every day practice the scientific truths that we know? What if our lives bore the fruits of the principles in which we are rooted? What if we simply acted like we know what we know? We are evolving from a Newtonian paradigm of existence in which we are static entities of matter at the mercy of external forces in the universe. We now understand that we live in a quantum field of infinite potentiality, and that we are part of the quantum field itself. We are consciousness in form and our forms are forever changing. As vibrant energetic beings co-creating our reality every moment, we have agency and the ways in which we direct our energy impacts our experience. Furthermore, our experience is not the facts of what has happened, but our interpretation. We live life at the level of our real time narrative. Our “story” is more than the monotonous repetition of former conclusions; it is our active narration in the moment, projected into the future. Hence, our story is not merely a stagnant photograph of our past; it is an impressionable blueprint for our future. With enough repetition, it is hardwired within our brains such that our sense of possibility is eclipsed by the probability of precedence. We are quantum beings of infinite potential harnessed by human pre-cognitive commitments limiting our vision of possibility. How do we navigate this paradox? How do we bridge the gap between the unbridled magnificence of our future with measured capacities of our past? How do we create new neuronal synaptic pathways to receive more than our intellect can conceive, let alone comprehend? How do we step into our greater yet to be? Let’s explore our more.

Also available in audio: SAND18 - Our Greater Yet to Be

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