Sacred Activism for the Great Turning - SAND19 US

By Cynthia Jurs

“What can we do to bring healing and protection to the Earth?” This was the question that dharma teacher Cynthia Jurs asked a 106-year-old lama living in a cave in Nepal back in 1990. In response, she was given an ancient practice to fill and seal and bury Earth Treasure Vases. For 30 years Cynthia’s spiritual practice has been to take these holy vessels around the planet to restore balance and harmony to the Earth. The little clay pots are filled with prayers and offerings and planted like seeds in diverse cultures, communities and ecosystems and the heartfelt prayers and intentions they contain take root in surprising ways. With the help of elders, activists and regular folks world-wide, creative initiatives have been catalyzed though this ancient practice of sacred activism especially suited for our times.

Like acupuncture needles in the living body of the Earth, the Treasure Vases form a healing mandala of nodes and meridians imagined as a web of light that is here to serve us as we awaken together into our own unique role in the great work of our time—to heal the web of life, restore balance and harmony, envision our world anew, and embody that vision with every fiber of our life force for the benefit of all.

Participating in the ancient art of making relations with Nature, we see ourselves as a part of Gaia to whom we are inextricably linked. The Earth Treasure Vases have opened doors for us to form an international community, guided by the elders, grounded in the living Earth, dedicated to making a difference and supporting each other on the path of collective awakening.

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