Radical Love & the Cosmic Mirror

By Teresa Mateus

In spiritual contexts there can be a neutralizing of difference as a way of creating community through commonality and with an intention towards a collective consciousness. However, in a world where difference has meaning and impact—queerness, gender, ethnicity, socio-economics and geographic/historical contexts—to neutralize difference negates pieces of all of our whole selves in their great texture and abundance.

Teresa explores the way in which seeing and honoring sacred and beautiful difference builds deeper community, collective awareness and transformation. She shows how to engage in this movement towards a radical love of each other and how, through honoring the tapestry of difference, we build connection to the larger social world and a call to manifesting social change. If we see the sacred difference of others it will inherently pull us towards not only honoring that difference, but also protecting it in all the ways it is expressed in the world.

She explains the ways in which the science of mirroring neurons can offer a map into this practice of honoring sacred difference. She closes with a practice of mirroring radical love and seeing the sacred difference in each other.

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