Peter Russell interviews his AI clone

By Peter Russell

From Peter Russell:

I created this using an AI clone of my face and voice. It's not perfect, I know. It was an experiment to see what is possible with the various AI tools available. And I thought I'd use it to interview my clone on my new book, Forgiving Humanity. I enjoyed making it, and trust you enjoy watching it.

Peter's new book is Forgiving Humanity

Forgiving Humanity

Why has the most innovative of species become the most dangerous? The answer, suggests Peter Russell, lies in humanity’s ever-accelerating pace of development. He shows how innovation breeds further innovation, fueling a positive feedback loop that leads to exponential rates of growth. But our minds struggle to comprehend the full implications of exponential growth, leaving us with a blind spot for the future.However fast the pace of change may seem today, it will be much faster in the years to come, bringing ever more rapid scientific and technological advances. But with this rapid progress comes an unexpected consequence - the faster the pace of change, the greater the stress on our personal, social, and planetary systems. And the greater the stress the more likely is systemic breakdown. Russell concludes that we are heading into a future with technology beyond our dreams, but in a world that’s breaking at the seams..This doesn’t mean humankind has taken a wrong turn. Spiraling rates of development, with all their consequences, positive and negative, are the inevitable destiny of any intelligent, technologically-empowered species..How do we adapt to an ever-increasing pace of life? How can we prepare for a future that is becoming more and more unpredictable? What does it mean for humanity, and our place in the cosmos?


Introduction (Read here)

  1. How Did We Get Here?
  2. Accelerating Innovation
  3. A Blind Spot on the Future
  4. Where Are We Headed?
  5. Facing Reality
  6. A Blossoming of Consciousness

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