Panel: Transformative Technology

This video is recorded at SAND14, with panelists Deborah Rozman (CEO of Heartmath), Robin Arnott, Linda Stone, Dr. Neema Moraveji & Dr. Julia Mossbridge, moderated by Mikey Siegel.

The Transformative Technology panel discussion will explore the potential for science and technology to dramatically increase the availability of the direct experience of non-duality. Presently, technology is used to enhance traditional methods, by making teachings more accessible through streaming video, online groups, etc. - but this is a faint glimmer of what is possible. Advances in meditation research, new forms of neurofeedback and brain stimulation, a growing science of heart intelligence, and immersive virtual reality all point toward new tools capable of profoundly shifting our experience of reality, and ultimately our social/cultural landscape. Join us as our panel of world renown technologists, researchers, and luminaries discuss the potential for new technologies to directly interface with our brain, body, heart and mind to point us toward the deepest truth.

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