Panel discussion: Filling in the Details

What is it actually like to live inside an absolute perspective in a relative world? This and more questions are explored in a panel discussion with Tim Freke, Gary Weber and Lisa Cairnes, moderated by journalist Jeff Warren in an hour of candid sharing.

Most nondual accounts are so absolutist and idealized they have little to do with the lives of real human beings. If nonduality is going to be taken seriously by the intellectual mainstream - and it should be, both for the scientific insights it promises, and its potential to dramatically help address human suffering - then accounts of nonduality need to become more honest and detailed and relatable. They need to become more literary, to reflect the real richness and complexity of being a (mostly) selfless human on the 21st century street. How does nonduality affect your sex life? Your marriage? Your kids? Your Smartphone addiction and your antidepressant meds? What does it feel like to get sick? To get scared? To get drunk? And most importantly, how does it change the way the world relates to you?

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