Pain Phobia and Addiction to Control

By Susan Campbell

We live in an avoidant culture. Most of us were conditioned to hide our hurts from others and often from ourselves. As the song goes...we "haven't got time for the pain." Obviously, this conditioning does not serve the aim of recognizing when something needs to change—whether we are talking about personal change or culture change. Our current world-wide health crisis offers a chance for each of us to become aware of a collective pain that we have tried for too long to deny.

What does it feel like when our ability to cope is challenged? Do we get overwhelmed and retreat into denial? Do we allow ourselves to see the handwriting on the wall that has been there all along? Do we open up to the felt experience that something needs to change, both personally and collectively? If Life demands that we learn from experience, how are we doing? What practices are available to help us take responsibility for our current predicament, make amends for our failings, and become a beneficial human presence on Planet Earth?

This talk is hosted by Katie Gray.

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